Dragonette – Fixin To Thrill (2009)

Date Released: September 29, 2009
Album Genre: Electropop, Pop
Album Rating: 7/10

Dragonette is out with their second album Fixin To Thrill, which unfortunately I got my hands on a copy a little later than I had hoped. I wouldn’t say that this album is especially groundbreaking, but I definitely enjoyed listening to it. There’s just something about Dragonette and their ability to create great music. Unfortunately Dragonette doesn’t seem to receive enough acclaim, really hardly any. Who needs mainstream popularity anyways! One thing I liked is that Dragonette definitely stayed true to themselves. Although I can’t confidently say they really made moves in any direction musically away from their last album Galore, I love their music and I’m quite glad they stayed with it.

Filled with overwhelming sounds of synth and dance beats, Dragonette did make a move away from depending on the guitar in their last album. Almost fully embracing the modern 80’s revival electropop movement, there’s definitely an abundance of catchy tracks. Martina Sorbara’s voice is also unforgettable, and is it just me or did she manage to make it a bit higher than in Galore? I think that might just be me. Great track choice to start the album off, Fixin To Thrill has a slow but epic build-up. Calling people to get on that floor, sets an overall mood of the album musically. Lyrically things are completely different, at times sounding almost like a break-up or a bad relationship, especially with Liar, Stupid Grin, Easy, like half the tracks. Really one of my preferred electropop albums of 2009, Dragonette is always one of my favorites and definitely worth checking out.

1. Fixin To Thrill (5/5)
2. Gone Too Far (2/5)
3. Liar (4/5)
4. Stupid Grin (3/5)
5. Easy (5/5)
6. Pick Up The Phone (5/5)
7. We Rule The World (4/5)
8. Big Sunglasses (3/5)
9. Okay Dolore (4/5)
10. Come On Be Good (3/5)
11. You’re A Disaster (4/5)
12. Don’t Be Funny (4/5)

Dragonette – Fixin To Thrill

Dragonette – Pick Up The Phone

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