Can You Dig It?


Yaaay, Sasha is back….

Sorry for not writing in the longest time; just been a bit busy havin a day job and trying to make a living the good old fashion way. I know, I can’t believe The New Yorker hasn’t hired me yet either. Ahhh they can’t handle the BZZZZZ BZZZZZ and WHOOOMMMP WHOOOMMMP anyways. Well, speaking of which, Jon said it best. Bit of a slump lately and people out there need to get back to the drawing boards and down to the basics because the simpler a song is the better it is. BUT i’ve been diggin around in my mailbox over the last couple of weeks and found a couple of nice tracks i would like to share wiv ya. First up is Linus Loves’ remix of Don Diablo – I am not from France. It’s very silky smooth and a great afterhours tune and since it’s rather cold outside (from a Canadian standpoint), the track’s wicked to warm your little tucheses. Next track is BIG… “Shit’s on FIYAH” big! The Berlin/Manchester duo Popular Damage radioactively ionized Zoot Woman’s We Won’t Break and what’s better and more trustworthy in Electro than the good old German capital. Definitely a MUST HAVE!!

There ya have it, lovees……enjoy the beats, go easy on X-mas treats!


Don Diablo – I am not from France (Linus Loves remix)

Zoot Woman – We Won’t Break (Popular Damage Remix)

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