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Alright, looks like my cosmic demands have been answered by something out there and within days I was delivered great music to work with. And what says “I got what I asked for” and “Merry Christmas” more than Dan Aykroyd eating hairy Salmon. Classic Shit!
First Hey Champ sent me a link to a free download of their WHOLE mixtape. Right now I’m listening to their remix of French Horn Rebellion – Beaches & Friends. It’s just delicious! Also I will give these tracks heavy rotation in my gigs tonight and on Sunday. Let me tell you something…these cats have got it goin on BIG, so cop this mixtape! Really great production and SICKSICKSICKSICK remixing. 2010 will be really good to them! Mark my words!!!
Next up, I’m giving you sexy folks some good ol’ Le Castle Vania. His newest release “Nobody Gets Out Alive” is f*ckin KILLER!!! This track will make clubs look like a goddamn firestorm this winter. Watch out for scandalous behaviour and/or an obscene amount cleavage when playing this track, check it on Beatport….enjoy, beautiful peoples!

*= u (I’m sure i have younger readers, hence the footnote)

Database vs. French Horn Rebellion – Beaches & Friends (Hey Champ remix) [Hey Champ Mixtape]

Le Castle Vania – Nobody Gets Out Alive

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