Week is Coming to an End


Been away from the blog a bit, but I’m happily back. I’m glad to see that my co-writers have filled my spot well while I’ve been gone. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it beforehand, please welcome our newest writer Dexter! Totally four weeks late on that. And excuse my impulse post yesterday, genuinely excited that it was actually a Daft Punk track, but to my disappointment yet sweet surprise, it wasn’t. Although the track was decent.

So I’ve had these tracks sitting on my desktop on my break and they’ve been bothering me every time I’ve landed myself on the desktop to post them. Here they are! First is the Van She Tech from Michael Di Francesco, the guitar/synth player of the group, of Dragonette‘s Pick Up The Phone. I couldn’t help myself because I love Dragonette, completely a guilty pleasure I’ve publicly disclosed. It also makes me go back to the Van She remixes which I haven’t heard any new ones in a while. Stretched out intro, but I’m completely into the main beat that comes in around a minute fourteen. Haven’t heard many awesome retro 80’s beats in a while, this is as close as it gets. Trust Van She to do the deed. In the same vein, Buffetlibre‘s remix of The Antlers. Really cheery sounding remix, lyrics are still kind of sad. And lastly, an original from Death to the Throne. I didn’t ignore your email my friend! It just took a long time for me to get to posting it… first thing that came to mind when I listened to this track was ‘bedazzled’ or ‘bejeweled’.

Dragonette – Pick Up The Phone (Michael Van She Remix)

The Antlers – Two (Buffetlibre Remix)

Death to the Throne – I Only Have Eyes For You

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