MGMT Album Congratulations Leaked

Okay, so not exactly news because this happened on the 20th, but it seems that MGMT’s upcoming album Congratulations leaked. In response to that, they’ve released the album onto their website streaming for free. Make sure you check it out and if you love it, buy the thing! It comes out April 16th.

Getting a The Beatles ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ vibe from the thing as well as a touch of Beach Boys and the Flaming Lips. If not influences, possibly just skimming similar genres. In an interview with NME, Ben Goldwasser said “There definitely isn’t a ‘Time To Pretend’ or a ‘Kids’ on the album. We’ve been talking about ways to make sure people hear the album as an album in order and not just figure out what are the best three tracks, download those and not listen to the rest of it.” If that was one of their goals, they definitely succeeded. Did not hear anything even remotely like Time To Pretend or Kids.

The album is quite interesting though, yet very strange. Review coming up soon.

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  1. Matt Klomp says:

    Great post- such a long-awaited album and I'm really enjoying it so far. Quite a bit different from Oracular but equally interesting and fun. Definitely recommend everyone check it out.