Life Mould

Linna Xu

Starting off with quite the festive remix by Fool’s Gold of Marina and the Diamonds I Am Not a Robot. It’s got two interesting sounds, the festive solo in the middle and the retro beat with the vocals. Really enjoyed this track. Second is the Fred Falke extended mix of Florrie Panic Attack. He really likes Florrie, this is the second time at least from what I’ve seen that he’s remixed her music. Weirdly enough in a deja vu kind of way, in that post I also posted a remix by Passion Pit of Marina and the Diamonds. I guess these two come together as a package. As usual from Fred Falke, j’aime votre musique. And lastly, a new original from Dan Sena, With Heavy Hearts. Electro club? Very nice, well played out track.

Marina and the Diamonds – I Am Not a Robot (Fool’s Gold Remix)

Florrie – Panic Attack (Fred Falke Extended Mix)

Dan Sena – With Heavy Hearts

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