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I finally got a chance to go through my inbox, have a couple tracks I really liked for you guys which will probably bleed into the next couple posts. Starting off with the Chew Fu remix of Robyn Dancing On My Own, finally something that’s electro/dance and not club. I’ve been posting too much club lately. It’s a great mix with Robyn as well, her stuff is usually the first thing people will go to remix, not a bad thing although it comes off that way doesn’t it. Second track is a bit lighter, the Tame Impala cover of Midnight Juggernauts’ new single Vital Signs; both of which you should totally check out. Both Aussies which is a scene I’ve unknowingly ignored for the last year. Tame Impala has some interesting tracks, you should check out this video a friend forwarded to me a couple days ago of their song Solitude Is Bliss; cool video. Also, Midnight Juggernaut’s new album The Crystal Axis due for May 28th, I still know nothing about it. Great cover though, here’s the original if you’re curious. A little high video. And lastly, the Buffetlibre remix of Plushgun Mixtape. The original is actually part of their PEACE project if you missed that with my last post about them.

Robyn – Dancing On My Own (Chew Fu Extended Remix)

Tame Impala – Vital Signs (Midnight Juggernauts Cover)

Plushgun – Mixtapes (Buffetlibre Remix)

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