Inbox Update #?

Alright, starting off this beautiful afternoon with a bleed in from the last post. I meant to post this in the afternoon, but the holiday got in the way. Opps. First off, The Art remix of The Dirty Disco White Room. I can’t say I know what the original sounds like, but the track is pretty dance rock awesome. Second, diving straight into electro, the FiSK remix of Foals. Haven’t heard anything the Foals in a while, which is surprising because they supposedly released an album 2 weeks ago. Something else for me to check out. And lastly, SposhRock‘s mash-up of Ratatat Drugs and Lupe Fiasco Kick, Push. It works surprisingly well. Enjoy!

The Dirty Disco – White Room (The Art Remix)

Foals – Electric Bloom (FiSK Remix)

Ratatat vs. Lupe Fiasco – Pushin’ Drugs (SposhRock Mash-Up)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    how’d you get your blog to only stream one song at a time? like when you start a song while another ones playing it stops the original song

  2. Jon says:


    It’s the audio player plugin within WordPress. You can get the files standalone here, but I tried before while I was still on Blogger and could never get javascript to work properly.

    Maybe you’ll have better luck.

  3. Pooch says:

    Did [ Ratatat – Drugs ] leak?

  4. Jon says:


    The whole album did.

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