Sébastien Tellier – Kilometer

Let’s make this a short one. Earlier this year, his label Record Makers released a remix album of Sébastien Tellier‘s Sexuality not surprisingly titled Sexuality Remix. Since the original album came out in 2008, there have been some pretty amazing remixes of his tracks. The album was produced by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo! I posted the Moulinex remix in late 2008 but had no idea a remix album was in the works or would be anyways.

Awesome video of the Boys Noize remix of the Boys Noize remix of L’Amour Et La Violence, okay not the content wasn’t so awesome but the video itself and goes really well with the song *psst* more than the video for the original, *shhh*. I included the original just so you can see what Boys Noize did to the track. Also, Kilometer remixed by A-Trak. I can’t decide which remix I love more, let me know which one you like better!

Sébastien Tellier – L’amour et la Violence

Sébastien Tellier – L’amour et la Violence (Boys Noize Euro Mix)

Sébastien Tellier – Kilometer (A-Trak Remix)

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  1. danielle says:

    I think I might love aeroplane’s remix of kilometer better… but all are so good!

  2. sam says:

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