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So, I decided to post some different stuff this time around, something that isn’t purely electro and a remix. Starting off with Richie Bertta Zombie Prom Night which was suggested to me by a friend who I’m trying to convince to write for the blog. Oh well, track stolen! Greatness, reminds me of Futurecop! except not as 80’s. Gold Panda Same Dream China which is from his recent album Lucky Shriner which came out Sept last year. It’s definitely worth checking out, you can download the track from that page. I found the track more soothing than anything, usually my typical tracks have me wanting to jump up and down in a rave-like fashion, but not in a rave. I don’t want to go to a sweaty warehouse and wake up wondering what happened last night. And lastly, Winter Gloves Plastic Slides which is from their album All Red which was also released Sept last year. FYI, they’ll be playing in Toronto on March 11th at Horseshoe Tavern. Ah, another great Canadian band. Funny eh? Who the hell is Arcade Fire and why did they win that Grammy?! Because they’re awesome and WE WIN!

Also, just emailed to me, the Owl Vision remix of Futurecop! Starworshipper you can listen here.

Richie Beretta – Zombie Prom Night

Gold Panda – Same Dream China

Winter Gloves – Plastic Slides

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