lius venegas

Starting off with another track suggested to me, The Subs The Face of the Planet. They’re a Belgian techno-trance-esque group who make some pretty awesome music. I absolutely love how this song starts off, I actually love it because of how off it is. It evens out though. Second is the Van She Tech remix of Dan The Automator Rapper’s Delight. It’s 2 years old, I think the track is from early 2009, but Van She remixes are timeless. And I can’t miss out on the Alan Braxe remix of Ellie Goulding The Writer reposted from Aerial Noise. Can’t get enough of those two. Also been listening to the new Radiohead album, I will have to report back on it once I’ve listened to it a couple hundred times! Have a good Friday!!

The Subs – The Face Of The Planet

Dan The Automator – Rapper’s Delight (Van She Tech Remix)

Ellie Goulding – The Writer (Alan Braxe Remix)

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