Help! I’ve fallen in love and I can’t get back up.

I had serious doubts on if I could continue this blog. It’s getting harder and harder to find the specific type of music I love, I fully blame that on the lack of time I have which I used to have to scour the internet. I’ve been settling for shitty remixes lately, the stuff that gets on the top 50 of Hype Machine and fully judging the scene based on that. Forget that, I’m not looking for the newest most popular anymore. I watched Drive a couple months ago and after hearing Kavinsky, I slowly developed my love again for this music. Kavinsky was one of the first house artists I listened to outside of the mainstream when I started blogging, I definitely remember obsessing over Testarossa Autodrive for nights on end. Him and SebastiAn really helped pull me into Electro House, obviously overlooking Daft Punk and Justice. I went from listening to almost exclusively indie rock to full out electro house in a matter of months, then it mutated into retro electro which was a word I made up to describe the weirder version of electro, basically what Futureflashs and Moullinex did. Anyways, reinvigorated!! Speaking of retro, the Lenno remix of Futurecop! Starrset, I can always depend on Futurecop! for that. Going back pretty far back, the Kavinsky remix of SebastiAn Embody. And two Robotaki remixes of Apparat Organ Quartet and Popular Computer.

Futurecop! – Starworshipper (Lenno Remix)

SebastiAn – Embody (Kavinsky Remix)

Apparat Organ Quartet – 123 Forever (Robotaki Remix)

Popular Computer – Lointain (Robotaki Remix)

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  1. Ben says:

    I’m still loving everything you post here. I’d rather see you go longer between posts than feel obligated to post things you don’t really love.

    It definitely feels harder to find new electro house in this environment. Thanks for not just becoming a dubstep blog like too many others.

  2. Joe says:

    I just wanted to say that I check this site everyday to see if you have posted anything and I have to agree it is hard to find electro house often but you are a shining light for people who want to listen to it. Thank you for posting and I hope you never stop, I will keep checking everyday. Also hope that the Masters program is going well, having just earned my Bachelors in Computer Science and in History I can only imagine how stressed you must be!

  3. Jon says:

    Thanks guys, I’m hoping to post more often… yes with good stuff minus the junk! Hopefully you’ll be checking in and have the pleasant surprise of actual posts.

    And dubstep is the spawn of the devil…

  4. Guest says:

    Hi! I totally agree to the comments above. Don’t stop! Do it not so often, but just do smth. Anyway i’ll be checking your blog everyday 🙂

  5. gna says:

    thank you very much fr going back to the roots. I’ve been a follower to this blog for such a log time no matter what changes made theres always something good-er-er. . . . . . er. Aaanyways! I just have to thank you again. i feel like electro these days not that many people appreciate. a friend once told me “well it can’t be 2007 all the time” I gave him in response “well it should. and you’re not helping”. I want it to remain that way. i know it comes and goes depending the season but please this is a great movement. we must not let it die.

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