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I was out with some new workmates the other day and Hype Machine actually came up in a conversation not initiated by me. It actually kind of threw me back because I always thought Hype Machine never really got the acclaim it deserved. Unfortunately seconds after this realization, they said how much they loved dubstep and how half of everything posted on Hype Machine is dubstep now. I almost fell onto the floor. It’s only half true! Now the reason I took a hiatus from blogging is because I stopped listening to music altogether. It will be baby steps coming back, but let’s get back to the basics. I’m really excited because I am hearing some more electro around, especially what I loved labeling as retro electro. I’m even hearing it on the radio and in retail stores, although it’s all stuff people posted 3 years ago. We’re getting somewhere!! For those of you who stayed even though I haven’t posted in a while, thank you. Let’s start off with the first track, a track that when I heard it I though was extremely familiar, the Boys Noize remix of Shiny Toy Guns Le Disko. I think the track predates my blog, I must’ve posted it already right? Totally missed it, well here you go. The Theatre of Delays remix of The XX‘s Angels kind of blew me away. Funny way to describe the track because it’s a pretty slack, but I love it for some reason. And lastly, speaking of getting back to basics, the Calvin Harris remix of Florence and the Machine. Bravo, totally reminds me of his older stuff which I couldn’t get enough of. Well done on another great remix.

Shiny Toy Guns – Le Disko (Boys Noize Remix)

The XX – Angels (Theatre Of Delays Remix)

Florence and the Machine – Spectrum (Calvin Harris Remix)

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Nick says:

    Glad you’re back. I’ve been following for years and have really enjoyed the music you have introduced me to!

  3. Jon says:

    Glad to be back! I hope I can keep it going this time!

  4. Steffen says:

    Hey Jon,
    i am glad you’re back and hope you keep it going this time. i was afraid, that i have to search hypemachine for good music on my own 😉

    so, here is my favourite track for this summer:

    i know it’s almost autumn now and i think it is not for free, anyways i hope you like it:)

    greetings from germany

  5. Guest says:

    how i missed these sounds! 🙂 thank you, Jon! 🙂

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