The Presets – Promises

Posting a great track from a the newest album The Presets released back in September called Pacifica. I’ve yet to fully listen to this album, I will have to do so now! I miss Australian electro, and I definitely find that The Presets is one of the duos that help define that genre of music. I love how clean Promises is, and like it just as much as the remixes. The Lifelike remix adds a nice baseline to the track, a small touch that gives it a bit more of a retro feel to the song which I’m all for. The Plastic Plates changes the track quite a bit, altering the beat completely. It’s a great listen, I actually really enjoyed the Plastic Plates remix.

The Presets – Promises

The Presets – Promises (Lifelike Remix)

The Presets – Promises (Plastic Plates Remix)

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