8tracks Mix – Nos·tal·gia (2008)

Alright, got my first mix up on 8tracks! Originally I was going to make one mix for the entire blog’s existence, but by the time I got through to the end of the 2008 tracks, I was up to 2 hours in mix length… so here it is only for 2008.

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  1. Tim N! says:

    As someone who has followed your blog since the 07’s and then to come back to your blog to try and find the “Oh-No We forgot about justice mix”; This mix has been just what i needed. Electro will never be the same again :'(

  2. Jon says:

    Yea, the motivation has been lost on my side (as you can obviously tell by the lack of posts). Electro fell off the deep end and has been replaced by… less exciting stuff.

    I hope you can find some good stuff out there as I have failed to do so as much lately.

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