Alright everyone, easing back into things and decided to make a post on here with my traditional three track post. Had some of these tracks sitting on my desktop collecting digital dust. First one, I would like to thank Sam for getting me back into the electro mood with Robert Parker. Second up is the Plastic Plates remix of Sia‘s Chandelier. I actually really like Sia and that’s despite the radio blasting her music constantly. The remix is a great take on the track as you would expect from Plastic Plates, but I still like the original! Lastly, the awesome Urban Contact remix of Freedom Fry’s The Wilder Mile. The remix is kind of a gateway to the original track, check it out. You know, I spent a good month or two trying to think of a way to reinvent Sundtrak like making it mobile friendly, restructuring posts, introducing a new music player, but in the end I really got nowhere. I’d love to hear your suggestions though, hopefully with an easy implementation.

Robert Parker – Interstellar Traveller

Sia – Chandelier (Plastic Plates Remix)

Freedom Fry – The Wilder Mile (Urban Contact Remix)

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  1. marina says:

    from Buenos Aires, Argentina, happily listening to your recommendations because they are new to me and match my likes. I would like yo to add more to the presentation of each song. regards,

  2. Jon says:

    Thanks marina, once I get posting more that will be on my list of things to improve!

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