Maybe Good Blog Music

Hello, I found some above average tracks that you may or may not like. Not surprisingly, the first two come out of France. The Teenagers are amazing. Their own stuff is amazing. Their concerts are amazing. Their remixes are amazing. Consistent with other Teenager remixes, they convert an indie pop song (this one by we are Enfant Terrible) into a much more danceable track. Enjoy:

We Are Enfant Terrible – Snap Dragon (The Teenagers Remix)

Over the past year and a half, Breakbot has served up some deliciously funky remixes. This one is no exception. It has that pristine production quality associated with Ed Banger, but stays in the realm of eighties-inspired R&B. Here to overload your Kavinsky dosage is another remix of Nightfalls.

Kavinsky – Nightcall (Breakbot Remix)

I heard this in a bar and thought it was a cover of Miike Snow‘s ‘Animal’, a really really awesome cover. A few days later I discovered I was wrong as it was actually a very imaginative Mark Ronson remix of the original track. Not long after that, a Californian girl told me that this remix was “perfect to fill your bong to.” After a close listen, I think she may have described it most appropriately.

Miike Snow – Animal (Mark Ronson Remix)

Praise For The Pacific Northwest

I don’t care where you stand. I don’t care if you are praying for the Olympics, their recognizable rings and all their corporate sponsors to go down in flames. I don’t care if you are a full-fledged pro-Olympic fan hoping Olympic CEO John Furlong signs your left tit. I don’t even care if you fall into the category of people who don’t care.

What I do care about at this moment is that you are both proud and thankful for the people/places/culture of Vancouver. Peep the video after the jump.

To kick things off, listen to Vancouver sweethearts Fan Death‘s latest track off their ‘A Coin For the Well EP’ entitled ‘Soon’. A haunting spacey harmony of mild percussion and once again Dandi’s likable vocals. They are touring through Europe with Vampire Weekend for the entire month of February.

Fan Death – Soon

Next up is a heavy electro/dubstep remix done by our local and in some circles legendary (most circles don’t consider him at all though) Ernold Sane and a less-local still-Canadian Barletta.

Nujax – Super Duper Fly (Barletta & Ernold Sane Edit)

Lastly, this is a track recently released from Babe Rainbow and it is a smorgasbord of Vancouver faves. The track originally was compiled with just Babe Rainbow and local-gone-international band, Basketball. It was then remixed by one of Vancouver’s premier DJs, Rico Uno, where he superimposed the Gyptian vocals. This song is intended to be on Rico and Babe’s joint mixtape coming very soon.

Babe Rainbow vs Basketball vs Rico Uno vs Gyptian – Proper Feeling

Dance My Way Into February


Alright alright. I really can’t disagree with Sasha’s obsession with France and all their musical byproducts…but I certainly can’t neglect Europe’s other emerging/amazing music scenes.

To begin, let’s slide our scope to Ireland. In my inbox, I received some lovely tracks from a pair of seemingly lovely sisters. They go by the name L.A.W., and they produce a very interesting genre of music. The first track I am posting is best described by the girls themselves: they consider it to be “a surprising, unpredictable, dirty bassy tech-elec remix of a legendary track from back in the day.” Have a listen.

L.A.W. – Dirty Louie

The second track that I really dig from L.A.W. is entitled ‘The Sword.’ Again these girls described it super duper nicely as their “weapon of mass destruction.” I am feeling the near tribal house flavour of this track.

L.A.W. – The Sword

And off to continental Europe. This is a very twisted remix I came across a while ago, but have yet to hear/find it anywhere else. It is a Beware and Motorpitch remix of WILDLIFE!‘s ‘Jumble’. The original is a tight track, but Beware and Motorpitch rearrange the building and dropping of the beat in an eerily powerful way.

WILDLIFE! – Jumbie (Beware & Motorpitch Remix)

Let’s Get Serious



Dexter again, just pondering what 2010 holds for music. Hope it has some more of this stuff:

First up is a Pilooski edit of Jan Turkenburg. A nice balance of catchiness and obscurity. I dig it.

Jan Turkenburg – In My Spaceship (Pilooski Remix)

Next on the list is a surprising edit of a song I listened to in elementary school. Felix Cartal rearranges the recognizable chorus strings of Xzibit then goes on to blast and elongate the bass. This one is recommended to be played on good/loud speakers.

Xzibit – X (Felix Cartal House Edit)

And if any of you live in Vancouver, you should be delighted at the massive list of concerts and shows scheduled for the next few months. Everyone from Bearbot to Yacht to Deadmau5 to Passion Pit. It is endless. Georgia Straight compiled a nice list.

Lastly, 2010 is the year of Soulwax. They are launching a new free music site where listeners will be treated to 24 different compilations mixed by themselves. If you are not aware of these fellas, please do some research. Coupled with their alter ego; 2ManyDjs they are the bee’s knees of electro in my opinion.

All for now.

Introducing Me


I have no idea who reads this blog, but allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dexter. I like music. I like the internet. I am an all around good guy.

Look at my list of my fave thirteen tunes of 2009. This way I can keep up with the other thousands of bloggers and their ‘Top X songs/bands/pics/SteveGalafanikisFilms/concerts lists’ and as well for you to examine whether my musical selection remotely coincides with yours. Perhaps I am average…perhaps I am different. Read it, download it and either listen to it or send it to the ‘Recycle Bin/Trash’.

In no order, here it is:

1. Fever Ray – If I Had a Heart

Certainly not danceable or upbeat, but there is enough of that out there already. I think of a dark, brick-walled, cobweb ridden basement belonging to ‘Edward Scissorhands’ when listening to this tune. As a side-project from the band ‘the Knife’ (who I know next to nothing about), Fever Ray does a magnificent job of protruding all that is dark and unpleasant.

2. Lil’ Wayne feat. Gucci Mane – We Be Steady Mobbin

Oh my god, this reminds me of the first time I fell in love with Weezy. This song deconstructs the conventional hip hop song and rearranges it to allow Weezy to punch out his short verses with such magnificience. ‘Suck my clip/ Swallow my bullets/ And don’t you spit.’ Classic.

3. Fan Death – Reunited

Everything is good about this song. Even Perez Hilton agrees…Jokes. Seriously though, this is my fave band from Vancouver. They capture such a different sound using warped disco strings and the lead singer Dandi’s gloomy yet refreshing voice. I heart Fan Death.

4. 6th Borough Project – Do it to the Max

No idea who these peeps are but I have listened to this song dozens of time in the last few months. So reminiscent of early house music with the contrast super hi-pitched vocals and the deep male vocals. Juicy, funky, delicious, danceable yet with a bpm hovering around 100.

5. In Flagranti – Brash & Vulgar

Again nodding their caps to original house music by maintaining a reasonable bpm, minimal sounds and generally sampling music from the 70s/80s. On this track they take such a well known sample and twist it into something so fresh. I love them. Why isn’t every DJ Playing In Flagranti?!?!?

6. Miike Snow – Burial

I may be bias on this one considering I was on stage with Miike Snow in Stockholm this year (Not playing anything, just being a groupie and all). That being said, this group – comprising of musical geniuses (Sorry not you Mr. West) that have produced for divas such as Madonna and Kylie Minogue – is bound to come up with something more than decent. This song itself was made for live performances; layered with an array of marching band percussion sounds, average piano keys, chanty vocals and tied together with a soft electro sound.

7. Harlem Shakes – Niagara Falls

Such an undervalued band. This song is so light and dance-y and upbeat and pop-py. Maybe if we could all get over our fronts and just appreciate the softness of the styles of indie pop the world would be a better place? Probably not, but it is still a good song.

8. Major Lazer – Pon De Floor

I wish I had a video of me losing my head dancing to this song at the Major Lazer show this year. As hyped up as the Major Lazer side project was and as luck-lustre as the actual performance was, Diplo and Switch outdid themselves producing this song.

9. La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix)

Close your eyes. Imagine being on a beach at 6:30 in the morning with a few hundred other people pondering if it is time to head back to our tents after a complete night of dancing. And then Benga plays this track. The pondering ended and the dancing continued.

10. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes – Home

I made a bet that this song would enter the same popularity plane as ‘Young Folks’…I may owe that person money. But that takes nothing away from the brilliance of this song. Cute, respectable, super-duper catchy, contemporarily folk-y. Warms my insides too much.

My three fave albums were courtesy of Phoenix, The XX and YACHT…but I am sure you can find their music @ every other blog.

That’s all.