On your heels; No more BS!

All Hail, Katy Perry!!

All Hail, Katy Perry!!

The bad news first….I am cutting all non-sense music, and non-sense in general, from this point on. That means I am not open to mash-ups, n-th remixes of Electronica Top 10s*, and tracks “inspired” by your influences that sound remarkably similar to your influences. Also included are promotional sales of famed musicians’ latest releases and requests to promote festivals. This about sums it up for now.

Why so grouchy, Sasha?

I think the biggest reason for my absence that Jon pointed out is the fact that electronic music is starting to saturate the market and it is well on its way to become the major cash cow of the music industry. Sad, but seemingly very true. It does not mean that I don’t like my electronic music anymore, or that I am just being an ass pissing on everyone’s parade. I am just concerned that it will end up like Hip-Hop at the beginning of the last decade. Hip-Hop has not recovered yet, and it may never. We all need to think about that for a minute here and see what we’re doing. So I did and decided to voice myself against it actively, and everyone sending me, or thinking about sending me tracks should be at least aware that I will scrutinize your stuff more rigorously. The good music I will, of course, post and the bad music will definitely be made an example of. As I have told Jon, I will not participate in the new hot music market that everyone is gleefully humping for cash now and will, in about 3 years’ time, abandon like a rape victim. I have more integrity than that. Principles, people, is all we got to cut through the crude bullshit of today’s music industry….and bullshit in general.

I will elaborate on this with some examples, since most people reading this right now are more audio-sensible that anything else, and I know from experience that sometimes words and statements are better expressed with music.

My first example is Dude Royal – Duck Duck Goose. I have no problem with people sending me Hip-Hop; matter of fact I encourage it. I grew up with it and love it. Don’t insult my intelligence with awful NERD copies, however. If you take your influences serious and want my respect, and more importantly, my support you will have to a) find someone more artisitc than Gucci Mane as an influence (ODB is kosher, of course) and b) hire someone not sounding like an untrained mid-pubescent Pharrell. And this is just for starters. I could go on, but we have ground to cover here. Maybe in the next post I’ll put more fodder into this…see for yourselves. Good jesus, you can really make out the Gucci Mane School of Failing at Life. I want to ask him if this is what he really does at clubs

Dude Royal – Duck Duck Goose (produced by Christian TV)

Now to contrast Dude, I will show what new Hip-Hop should sound like. I was planning on writing on Rob Roy months ago, but I got angry, as mentioned before. Alas, here is what needs to be done in Hip-Hop from now on. It is a simple track, just like Dude’s, but this is executed extremely well. It gives you an almost 90s RnB feel, but with a current flair of using snyths and beats. It’s funny that these guys sort of, kind of collaborate on some projects, considering the major differences in the approach to their respective music. Listen…

Rob Roy – Rollercoaster Baby

And if you say “Sasha is confused…the songs can’t compare because their premises are different.” Well, here you go…a party track of Rob’s:

Rob Roy – Duval

It’s nice to be back and I see a better, more constructive way of dealing with the plethora of music, and un-music, in the future. It will not always be positive, but it will always be true and honest. That much I will guarantee. Send word if you want to raise your voice; I am easily reachable. Until you hear from me again,

I remain yours honestly,


*tolerance period is 3 months after release date

Spring, son!!!

Yo Yo!

Well, i don’t know what it’s like in your part of this small blue cosmic marble, but here on the Canadian West coast it’s gorgeous right now. We got it all; the sunshine, 15C+ weather, short shorts, and of course, pollen allergies mixed with peaking hormonal activity!

Here’s some jams to set you on the course for the summer…

Au Revoir Simone – Only You Can Make You Happy (PUNCHES Remix)

PUNCHES killed this remix of Au Revoir Simone. It just may be one of this year’s summer jams for me. Listening to this makes me think of phyllo pastry; light as hell, but super delicious and very fitting for this time of year!! If you own a boat, pump this baby as loud as possible!!

The Rogue Element – Mistakes

Very organic Electro sound comin from The Rogue Element…the kind of sound when Electro House just started gettin big in the early 2000s. Can’t wait for some remixes of this track. It almost reminds of Justice somewhat, but it’s got its own identity which is always a plus!!

The Crystal Method – Come Back Clean (ATLAS Remix)

Not only are ATLAS named after my favourite Super Conducting Magnet, but they also know how to spit out a crazy remix of The Crystal Method which is a feat on its own since, you know, it’s Crystal fuckin Method n’ all…..you NEED this, BIG ROOM SHIT!!!!!

Poka – Coco de Mer

And as always I got some DISCO for y’all. The name’s Poka…homie’s from Greece and if you know your global party spots, you’ll know that Greece is where it’s at. Thus you ‘ll get some wicked music coming out. SO check this drivin DISCO BANGER!!!! ALSO make sure to cop his BELIEVE EP, cuz the whole thing is sick!!


Last Century’s so RAD!!

Sup Y’all!

Remember the 90s? Me, too! And if you don’t, well, you’ll never know that a band called Limp Bizkit mattered and downloading music was actually illegal….

Awwwright, this week we got ourselves some real nice House Music….I mean actual HOUSE MUSIC!!! Over the last couple of months I’ve noticed a major swing towards funkier music and I truly believe that this whole “Electro” movement was a bit of a fad. A lot of DJs are back where we left off in the late 90s with French House a la Thomas Bangalter and proper Funky House a la Armand van Helden. And I must tell you, this is an amazingly good thing because many of the producers in the last decade have saturated the market with quite angry music, if you want, and the whole industry has gone into the Rave trap of the early 90s which consecutively has led the club scene to be somewhat of a MDMA Douchefest….in my not so very humble opinion.

Ok, ’nuff o’ dat! Let’s get back to what’s freshhhhhh…..

Le Knight Club – Soul Bells (Quinten 909 Remix)

And this exactly what I mean….very 90s-esque sound, but has today’s influences and if you combine those two together, you got a DISCO monster. This baby has been cruising some blogs for a couple of days, but I think, come this week, this tune is gonna dominate! Quinten 909 has been covered here before and will continue to be covered in the future; with remixes like this of Le Knight Club….fuhggedaboudit! DIGG IT!!!

Quinten 909 – Sophia (Extra Medium Remix)

Seriously, people, this kid is f*ckin ridiculous…..Fred Falke style material, f’ real! Just the bassline on this will blow the floor apart! GET IT GET IT GET IT!!

K-Bana – Chemistry (Scope Remix)

Haven’t listened to Deep House in a while, but K-Bana’s track caught my attention, most definitely. Great track, very very groovy; solid for ANY afterhours, great to get down to…or just having sex to..

Sasha’s one of THOSE people, gawd!

Hey Everyone!

We got a new ride! You like it? I think WordPress is HUWAAAAY sexier than Blogger. It took me a bit to set everything up because I am not THAT computer savvy when it comes to FTPs, friggin server connecting, clicking things on the screen, etc. However, i fought my way through what seemed like an e-Sisyphean task for me and here I am freshly WordPressed with a crease and all.

Now let’s get back to what we do here best and hook you up with some music…

Rubix – Disco Electronique (Rubix Edit)

Lots of good House coming out of Holland these days. Laidback Luke, Don Diablo, and some other guys are starting a revolution, I think. It’s comforting to see that Holland is moving away from Trance which we all know has been the staple for a Dutch producer/DJ for decades now. Rubix shows this new revolution beautifully with this track. Great Disco banger that’ll kill anything in its path……definitely a must have!!

DCUP – To Be In Love (Universe Remix)

Alright! Looks like there’s a new kid on the block called Universe. We do NOT know who he/she/them is/are, but what we do know is that this/these kid/kids is/are really wicked at what they do with other people’s tracks!! Annoyed with the slashes yet? Me, too! So here’s Universe’s take on DCUP and make sure to check out the other remixes!

Crystal Castles – Crimewave (Midnight Conspiracy Remix)

Midnight Conspiracy have been occupying my inbox and iTunes for a while now and rightfully so. I’m not much of a Crystal Castles fan, but this remix is making me reconsider that snobbiness. So if they can convert moi, then you HAVE to have this track. Very dope if you wanna impress some hipsters 😀

Post-Olympic Stress Syndrome

Greetings, Humanoids!

So I heard if you hoop E, you get higher or somethin? Anyways, it doesn’t matter, drugs are for teenagers and rich housewives.
So, my lovees, as always I have some goodies for ya. I’ve been gettin a lot of music lately, but there wasn’t an amazing amount of ear catching stuff; it was mostly Dub Step and Electro that was clearly just copy/pastes of big acts like MSTRKRFT and such. I always prefer to showcase a lesser known artist to a bigger act because of the fame and glory part, but if you’re just emulating the big dogs….well, you won’t have much success in making a name for yourself. Hence, stop listening to and focusing on what the popular things are and get workin with some creativity and put yourself into your music. And DON’T forget to send Jon, Dexter, and/or Me the fruits…
Let’s Do This!

Don Diablo – Teen Scream Machine (Nightriders Remix)

WOW! Really REALLY wicked track! Nightriders have been on my radar for about a year or so now and they absolutely MURDER this remix of Don Diablo’s “Teen Scream Machine.” If you dj on a regular basis, you need this track for the ladies; it’ll make’em want to have your kids. And in case you’re a DJane…hey, nothin wrong with some girl-on-girl akceeeon!

Swick – Grow Up (Cassian Remix)

Hey, you know how much I LOVE Disco by now, right? Well, here we go…Cassian’s remix of Swick – Grow Up. Beautiful driving drum line, trumpets, piano, synths, and all that delicious stuff. Just a gorgeous tune ready to flare up the flashin lights…lights…lights

Paolo Barbato – The Violin (Seth Vogt Remix)

I really dig the strings in this track; usually tracks like this can really drop into the cheesy-ass section of Prog House, especially with a violin sample. But this is a very solid production. See how I changed my tone to a bit of a serious one? That’s because I respect Prog House producers the most and it is really hard to execute a good track and respectively, PB and Seth Vogt did a great job with the track. So enjoy!

The Young Punx – Ready For The Fight (Phonat’s Punkstep Remix)

Haha, this never happens…I actually like a DnB track and even care to post it. I know what you’re thinkin, “how can he not like DnB, wtf?” Yeah, well whatever, I don’t like EVERYTHING; to be honest with you, I still don’t get why everyone is on this Dub Step business. HOWEVER, i do like this track and hey, it’s The Young Punx and Phonat, so this has no other option, but to be a real bad-ass track, which it is…so yeah!

Enjoy ya heathens!