Well, times are changing. I think the online music movement has progressed quite nicely in the last decade; official music streaming is the norm now with great paid services like Spotify, whatever Apple is coming out with, and free ones like Soundcloud, Hype Machine, Youtube. These weren’t around or weren’t popular enough when I started blogging in 2006, at the time Myspace was the most popular. What is Myspace even now? In light of this, I have removed all the old posts from the blog and am starting fresh.

Not to worry, those posts still exist securely hidden far away from anyone’s reach, but I need to update them to meet today’s music blogging standards. In other words, remove any links and replace them with streaming or official equivalents. Admittedly it will be a daunting task with 620 posts. Good news is in addition to making new posts, you will slowly see old posts come back. Slowly but surely.

Album Rating Change

After due consideration, I have decided to make the album rating system on this blog less confusing for everyone and have it based mostly off of the track ratings. No one understood the old system. As per example, I decided that the album review for Gorillaz’s Plastic Beach did rightfully deserve an 8 because it was a pretty damn good album. I noticed going through my old album reviews that I gave a lot of 7’s to other albums and Plastic Beach was definitely on top of some of those. Even the language in the post was shooting towards an 8, I have no idea why I settled for the 7. Thanks for the input and criticism guys, bloggers aren’t bloggers without their readers.