Death Blast


YESS!! Totally getting back into this, some retro sounding sounds today. Anoraak‘s remix of Glen Check Paint It Gold, just to get a feel of things and unexpectedly South Korean. Followed by the Lancaster remix of Saint Pepsi Fiona Coyne, mind you the original is amazing. Ending off with the Carousel remix of Zella Day.

Glen Check – Paint It Gold (Anoraak Remix)

Saint Pepsi – Fiona Coyne (Lancaster Dub Remix)

Zella Day – East Of Eden (Carousel Remix)

You Deserve Better

color droplets

So I’m seriously trying to get my take on the new Daft Punk album out, but I still feel like I need to listen to it a couple more times. My very first impression on the album was it was mediocre, but with each subsequent listen, it quickly changed to godlike. I think it needs to settle a bit before I write anything more about it.

Starting off with an amazing track once again remixed by CHVRCHES of MS MR. I love it. It could be a CHVRCHES song for all I would know, the vocalists from both groups sound somewhat similar. I’m really liking the direction CHVRCHES is taking with the music they’re making, even if this isn’t an original. Second up is the RAC remix of YACHT Second Summer. It’s a bit slower, a bit toned down, but greatness from RAC again. Lastly, I had this sitting on my desktop for almost half a year. I should post a screenshot of my super cluttered desktop, it’d make most people cringe. The Anoraak remix of Tresors Pleine Lune which I unexpected was saving up until now. Wait for a minute in, shit gets serious.

MS MR – Hurricane (CHVRCHES Remix)

YACHT – Second Summer (RAC Remix)

Tresors – Pleine Lune (Anoraak Remix)

Inbox Update #2

youngna park

Alright! Another inbox update! First off is the Lifelike remix of Bullmeister Baby. Great soundings from this track, although I felt he kind of toned down a bit for this track. His other remixes are typically blasting with that electro sound. An Anoraak remix of Jupiter Saké which actually sounds similar in style to the Lifelike remix. Maybe I posted them together for a reason! I haven’t posted any Anoraak stuff in a while, it’s nice to hear a remix! Although he did release an album last year Whenever the Sun Sets which you should check out. You can get the track free here. And lastly, a great track from The Kickdrums, the Audience remix of Something’s Gotta Give. Loving this track, and crazy enough they’re from my hometown, Ottawa! I wasn’t expecting that.

Bullmeister – Baby (Lifelike Remix)

Jupiter – Saké (Anoraak Remix)

The Kickdrums – Something’s Gotta Give (Audience Remix)

Back a Weathered Soul

That was quite a ride, apartment hunting wasn’t easy looking for somewhere temporary less than a year, pure stupidity to attempt such a task but I made it happen. With all that looking and stress, I totally forgot about the little things like getting internet and listening to music altogether. It’s all done now, except for the annoying lady downstairs who complains we’re somehow making too much noise while napping, maybe it’s the garbage chute right beside your god damn apartment or the garage right underneath? My friend said it best, make better life decisions, if you want quiet buy a more quiet unit. As for the blog? A thousand unread emails in my inbox later, I’ll be here, not like I was in 2008 where I posted 1-2 times a day, but it’ll be more than zero times a month I’ll promise you that much. Those emails will probably never be read, so if it was really important you might want to email again. Other things I missed? The new Arcade Fire album which is seemingly the revival of their music. I am super excited about this one and will have to drop by the music store to pick it up.

Let’s start off this resurrection with some tracks from this week. First off is the Anoraak remix of Neon Indian Psychic Chasms, a band I haven’t given enough attention to on this blog. Very chillwave as wiki put it. Second is the Fred Falke remix of Florrie, this is like the third or fourth great remix coming from that pair. Really liking the beats, as usual from Fred Falke that’s of no surprise. And lastly, The Ooga Booga remix of Futurecop! which really really reminds me of the good old days. I can always trust Futurecop! to do that for me. I’ll listening to more music from my inbox and spread around more, expect less top week tracks. I’ll be less lazy.

Neon Indian – Psychic Chasms (Anoraak Remix)

Florrie – Give Me Your Love (Fred Falke Club Edit)

Futurecop! – Transformers (Ooga Booga Remix)