Turbo Love

This is the Bag Raiders I remember, Turbo Love is a great track. I might just have to post the original in another post, but this is definitely what I was expecting from their debut album, if you haven’t heard Turbo Love yet because it wasn’t in their new album, check it out here. A tiny bit toned down in the remix by Light Year, great remix of a great track. Second is an original from Moullinex, Love it is, Then which I’m liking the vibe I’m getting from this song. The trumpet sample, makes me love house a bit more. And lastly, the Beast Rave remix of Caribou Odessa which let me tell you, out of 200 emails, this one took the top. Although that might not be as big of a compliment because 90% of those emails were junk, I like the track haha.

Bag Raiders – Turbo Love (Light Year Remix)

Moullinex – Love It Is, Then

Caribou – Odessa (Beast Rave Remix)

Happy Holidays and Bag Raiders

So it’s the end of 2010, out with the old and in with the new! First off, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, tomorrow! I will attempt to make a top 10 post for the end of this year, as I have the last two years, but it might be a top 5 list. I’ll do something anyways. This isn’t really an album review post, more like I’m talking about an album. Full out album review posts were stressful and really deterred me from writing them in the first place. I do want to bring attention to certain albums though, so simply putting them in a post seems to be the best way. Nothing official. Does this mean I won’t be doing album review posts anymore? Nah, when I’ve got the time I’ll make full reviews, but not for a while.

For you guys who have the whole or half day off, I’ve got a great album you need to check out. Remember all those remixes back in the day which were awesome by Bag Raiders? Well, they have a self-titled album out! It came out in October in Australia, but it’s official release date for the US is January 25th. This also means they’re going to tour in the US, hopefully Canada too but all I saw was the US. Stay tuned for tour locations and dates.

At first when I listened to their debut album, all I could think was that it sounded nothing like their remixes and nothing like their first single Fun Punch which strangely didn’t find itself onto this album. Slowly though, I started to hear it more and more. It was Bag Raiders, but matured. I mean, they definitely could have made an album with tracks sounding like Fun Punch, but we would’ve got bored of it sooner or later. This album stretches further than that. Obviously as an electro-house blogger, I’ll sway more towards that stuff in the album which just coincidentally happens to sound like their older stuff.

You’re going to see that the two tracks I chose was firstly, the obvious choice being one of the big hits out of this album with reason, a taste of their past with Sunlight. So Demanding and Gone Away were pretty awesome tracks, touching a bit more into the electro-funk and dance, but I had no choice but to chose my second favorite track from the album as Golden Wings. Yes, without lyrics but with a musical story, I loved it. Again, somewhat feeling like house. The album has its gems, I definitely suggest you check it out. Just a word of caution, don’t get it expecting it to be full out electro-house greatness. It spreads quite a wide spectrum of electronic music, something more of an Aussie scene feel.

Bag Raiders – Sunlight

Bag Raiders – Golden Wings

No Love Lost

The new Tron soundtrack is being released on December 7th, as we all know which was produced by Daft Punk. Before everyone goes wild, they were commissioned (although completely willingly and enthusiastic) to do a soundtrack for a movie. So everyone expecting full on French House madness will be utterly disappointed. I’m expecting a fantastic soundtrack, definitely not Daft Punk album #4. I know, it’s totally a given but some people just don’t get it reading some comments around the net. Didn’t include any originals, but the NTEIBINT remix of Derezzed.

Digitalism released a new EP Blitz which is fantastic because I haven’t really heard anything big from them since really Idealism, although the remixes from Moshi Moshi were great. The track Blitz really brings me back to the good old days. I hope this means we should be expecting an album from them soon.

The last track is actually from the good old days, the Bag Raiders remix of Cut Copy‘s Far Away, but with a nice little twist for you guys and future posts to come. I saw this track show up recently on Hype and was surprised I never posted it before. I am a huge Cut Copy fan and a even bigger Bag Raiders fan. The twist? Bag Raiders released their debut self titled album this month. What?! Yeah I know, I’ve yet to listen to it but it’s on the top of my to-do list.

Daft Punk – Derezzed (Tron Legacy Soundtrack – NTEIBINT Remix)

Digitalism – Blitz

Cut Copy – Far Away (Bag Raiders Remix)