Inbox Update #2

youngna park

Alright! Another inbox update! First off is the Lifelike remix of Bullmeister Baby. Great soundings from this track, although I felt he kind of toned down a bit for this track. His other remixes are typically blasting with that electro sound. An Anoraak remix of Jupiter Saké which actually sounds similar in style to the Lifelike remix. Maybe I posted them together for a reason! I haven’t posted any Anoraak stuff in a while, it’s nice to hear a remix! Although he did release an album last year Whenever the Sun Sets which you should check out. You can get the track free here. And lastly, a great track from The Kickdrums, the Audience remix of Something’s Gotta Give. Loving this track, and crazy enough they’re from my hometown, Ottawa! I wasn’t expecting that.

Bullmeister – Baby (Lifelike Remix)

Jupiter – Saké (Anoraak Remix)

The Kickdrums – Something’s Gotta Give (Audience Remix)