Daft Punk on Tron Legacy, Pilotpriest on the side


UPDATED – Turns out the track isn’t Daft Punk.

Daft Punk fans! Your prayers have been answered. Since their last Alive tour in 2006/2007, we haven’t heard too much from the French house duo. I’d like to think this is normal Daft Punk, but they definitely have something up their sleeves for us. In March 2009, they were signed to produce music for the upcoming film Tron Legacy. Since then there’s been a couple tracks that have been leaked. Back in Sept last year, another track from the soundtrack Fragile was posted, although there’s great speculation whether or not it’s Daft Punk. So I won’t post it, even though it sounds a lot like Daft Punk. I’m really hoping Daft Punk after this project will decide to create a new album for us.

The track leaked recently has been unconfirmed to be Daft Punk, it’s Pilotpriest from Toronto (thanks Dave for the quick response). Titled The Crash Body Double, it’s 10 minutes long so don’t expect the usual compressed greatness. It’s got a 2 minute intro of ambiance, but I really like how they work the song in. A minute of build up, and at 4 minutes and 30 seconds; it’s epic. So before you listen to the first 30 seconds and say “hey, this song isn’t that great”, patience is a virtue my friend. Teaches me to try to be zero-day, next time I’ll get my sources checked.

Daft Punk – The Crash Pilotpriest – Body Double