Order to My Madness

Well, completely random tracks from last week. I was hoping to post them way earlier but things got in the way, alas here they are! I love anything Danger related, his music is amazing and totally brings me back to French electro house. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and listen to his EPs. Only complaint I have about Danger is GIMME MORE TRACKS TO LISTEN TO!!! Great rendition of the track by Wolf Saga, although I can’t seem to pinpoint what other track is sampled for the remix, for some reason I want to say something M83. Second up, the Ryan Hemsworth remix of Grimes Genesis. Listen to the original track and you’ll quickly figure out how much exactly Ryan Hemsworth changed, not really even the same track, and I’m really loving the remix. Lastly, I had to include it, Shades of Funk by Kill Paris. I think the track title explains it.

Danger – 4h30 (Wolf Saga Remix)

Grimes – Genesis (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Kill Paris – Shades of Funk

Year End Miracles

Well, these weren’t hard to find and the whole year I didn’t post these guys once which they dominated the years before, strangely they got a remix in last minute this year. Just in time for those year end lists! First off is the Soulwax remix of Late of the Pier Best in the Class. Although I’m still biased towards their huge remix of The Chemical Brothers, similar sounds as their other remixes, but god damn it’s great to hear another remix coming from Soulwax. I thought they gave up one them. Unfortunately this was in a single, but 70 cents isn’t terrible for a track right?! Second is the Danger remix of Nero, sounding a bit different as in more rock heavy and clean, but I’m definitely digging the track. It’s downloadable through official.fm, the link provided. I’m used to a more sinister feel from their tracks, he’s got some awesome EPs if you haven’t gotten it already. And lastly, the Clockwork remix of Para One! I’m ashamed to say I didn’t even know Para One had an album, thought he mainly produced remixes. Great tracks, now to work on that Top list for the end of the year!

Late of the Pier – Best In The Class (Soulwax Remix)

Nero – Me and You (Danger Remix) (password: nero10)

Para One – Nervosis (Clockwork Remix)