Long Weekendness

Well, the exam I was studying so hard for completely ignoring the blog and music, waste of time. Probably would’ve done the same without studying; overall poorly. Anyways, excuse my late Friday post, some tracks I found interesting from this week. Some tracks I came across while surfing Hype and some music blogs, totally reposts. First is the Why Are We Whispering remix of Martin Solveig featuring Dragonette and I guess Ish Hello. Great remix of a great track, I’ve always liked Dragonette and I’ve shamefully forgotten about Martin Solveig. If you don’t already know who Why Are We Whispering is, it’s Don Diablo and Ish. A little taste of what they sound like. Second is the Jungle Fiction remix of Cassette Culture which I’m really digging the vibe of this remix. It’s kind of like the Derezzed by Daft Punk, but with a rock touch. And lastly, something oh so interesting, Strange Talk Eskimo Boy. It makes me sad that I’ve never heard of Strange Talk before, I used to be so into the Aussie scene… what happened?

Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette – Hello (Why Are We Whispering Remix)

Cassette Culture – We Once Had An Empire (Jungle Fiction Remix)

Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy

Mid-Week Update

lucas jackson

Alright, here’s your mid-week update. Starting off with the Breakbot remix of Sneaky Sound System When We Were Young, again that sound I love. Slightly like an instrumental track or at least that’s what it felt like, not many vocals except for the little bits of repeats. It’s all good. Second is from Russ Chimes, his unofficial remix of Crystal Waters. Club house? Electro funk? Whatever it is I like the track. Last track is by Kaskade featuring Dragonette Fire In Your New Shoes. I’m always happy about new Dragonette, they’ve been collabing with a lot of music producers lately. Her voice is quite unique. And a bit of news, due to the leaking of their upcoming second self-titled album on the web, Crystal Castles will be releasing the album on their website April 23rd, this Friday. What’s up with all this leaking business? Labels seriously need to plug these leaks and stop chasing after their customers. Anyways, expect an album review in the very near future.

Sneaky Sound System – When We Were Young (Breakbot Remix)

Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (Russ Chimes’ Unofficial Remix)

Kaskade feat. Dragonette – Fire In Your New Shoes

Week is Coming to an End


Been away from the blog a bit, but I’m happily back. I’m glad to see that my co-writers have filled my spot well while I’ve been gone. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it beforehand, please welcome our newest writer Dexter! Totally four weeks late on that. And excuse my impulse post yesterday, genuinely excited that it was actually a Daft Punk track, but to my disappointment yet sweet surprise, it wasn’t. Although the track was decent.

So I’ve had these tracks sitting on my desktop on my break and they’ve been bothering me every time I’ve landed myself on the desktop to post them. Here they are! First is the Van She Tech from Michael Di Francesco, the guitar/synth player of the group, of Dragonette‘s Pick Up The Phone. I couldn’t help myself because I love Dragonette, completely a guilty pleasure I’ve publicly disclosed. It also makes me go back to the Van She remixes which I haven’t heard any new ones in a while. Stretched out intro, but I’m completely into the main beat that comes in around a minute fourteen. Haven’t heard many awesome retro 80’s beats in a while, this is as close as it gets. Trust Van She to do the deed. In the same vein, Buffetlibre‘s remix of The Antlers. Really cheery sounding remix, lyrics are still kind of sad. And lastly, an original from Death to the Throne. I didn’t ignore your email my friend! It just took a long time for me to get to posting it… first thing that came to mind when I listened to this track was ‘bedazzled’ or ‘bejeweled’.

Dragonette – Pick Up The Phone (Michael Van She Remix)

The Antlers – Two (Buffetlibre Remix)

Death to the Throne – I Only Have Eyes For You

Dragonette – Fixin To Thrill (2009)

Date Released: September 29, 2009
Album Genre: Electropop, Pop
Album Rating: 7/10

Dragonette is out with their second album Fixin To Thrill, which unfortunately I got my hands on a copy a little later than I had hoped. I wouldn’t say that this album is especially groundbreaking, but I definitely enjoyed listening to it. There’s just something about Dragonette and their ability to create great music. Unfortunately Dragonette doesn’t seem to receive enough acclaim, really hardly any. Who needs mainstream popularity anyways! One thing I liked is that Dragonette definitely stayed true to themselves. Although I can’t confidently say they really made moves in any direction musically away from their last album Galore, I love their music and I’m quite glad they stayed with it.

Filled with overwhelming sounds of synth and dance beats, Dragonette did make a move away from depending on the guitar in their last album. Almost fully embracing the modern 80’s revival electropop movement, there’s definitely an abundance of catchy tracks. Martina Sorbara’s voice is also unforgettable, and is it just me or did she manage to make it a bit higher than in Galore? I think that might just be me. Great track choice to start the album off, Fixin To Thrill has a slow but epic build-up. Calling people to get on that floor, sets an overall mood of the album musically. Lyrically things are completely different, at times sounding almost like a break-up or a bad relationship, especially with Liar, Stupid Grin, Easy, like half the tracks. Really one of my preferred electropop albums of 2009, Dragonette is always one of my favorites and definitely worth checking out.

1. Fixin To Thrill (5/5)
2. Gone Too Far (2/5)
3. Liar (4/5)
4. Stupid Grin (3/5)
5. Easy (5/5)
6. Pick Up The Phone (5/5)
7. We Rule The World (4/5)
8. Big Sunglasses (3/5)
9. Okay Dolore (4/5)
10. Come On Be Good (3/5)
11. You’re A Disaster (4/5)
12. Don’t Be Funny (4/5)

Dragonette – Fixin To Thrill

Dragonette – Pick Up The Phone

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I Gotta Feeling


That tonight’s gonna be a good night? No, don’t worry, as much as I’d like to, I’m not posting that Black Eyed Peas song. Completely unrelated intro to this post. A bit cheery, but the Buffetlibre remix of Dragonette‘s Easy. It’s from their new album Fixin to Thrill which I’m ashamed to say I haven’t got yet. I’m a huge Dragonette fan regardless of how pop you’re going to say they sound. The Mr. Vega remix of Popskarr Tonight, which sounds like an 80’s revival type remix. I actually had to double check that Popskarr wasn’t actually from the 80’s, I’ve never heard of them before. To my surprise they’re actually from South Africa; DJ Lapse whom I’ve posted multiple times before is the producer and IAMWAVES does the vocals. And lastly, the Tits & Clits remix of Royksopp Tricky Tricky. The track is tricky indeed, it sounds like it’s going to be awfully club/techno sounding, but it does a 180 right after the intro. Okay maybe not a 180, it does a 45…

Dragonette – Easy (Buffetlibre Remix)

Popskarr – Tonight (Mr. Vega Remix)

Royksopp – Tricky Tricky (Tits and Clits Remix)