prohibition repeal

Got three killer tracks today, I’ve been saving them up for a bit until I got three tracks together. First off is the damn amazing Barretso remix of Lana Del Rey Ride. I’ve heard a couple remixes of this track and this tops it. It’s more upbeat than the Photek remix, another one I really like. Next up is the Alex Metric remix of Empire of the Sun DNA. My first thought hearing this track was “wait, Empire of the Sun released a new album?” They did, in June! Something for me to check out. As with most Alex Metric tracks, they’re always a great listen. Lastly is Robotaki‘s remix of The M Machine A King Alone. I love the sound Robotaki tracks have, he makes great music.

Lana Del Rey – Ride (Barretso Remix)

Empire of the Sun – DNA (Alex Metric Remix)

The M Machine – A King Alone (Robotaki Remix)