Certified Awesome

I was going to rummage through my inbox today to get some music, the inbox that has like 2000 unread messages where a good portion of it is spam, but I couldn’t give up the awesome tunes that’s on Hype right now. And no, I’m not bragging about my carelessness towards checking my email, I’m actually really ashamed of it because it’s kind of integral of running a blog. It’s a tiny bit difficult though not having access to internet to check my email. Though I did see a lot of turtles, a bear, a white-tailed deer, and a grouse though, along with many mosquitoes and black flies which loved biting me. On to the music I’m really excited for!!

By far my favorite remix of Daft Punk‘s Tron’s Derezzed so far by Robotaki. Your remixes never cease to amaze me, loving the intro the track and that clean non-generic beat. I totally thought I made a Derezzed post, I guess I didn’t. Well, that’ll have to come up soon cause there are some pretty great ones out there. Second more groove track is the Viceroy edit of Duck Sauce Goody Two Shoes. And lastly, reminding me of the good old times, the Lazy Rich remix of Fast Foot Protect Animals. Sounds slightly like Boys Noize meets SebastiAn to me.

Daft Punk – Derezzed (Robotaki Remix)

Duck Sauce – Goody Two Shoes (Viceroy Edit)

Fast Foot – Protect Animals (Lazy Rich Remix)