On Break: Not Really #1

Just couldn’t stay away could I. Oh well, a nice little post with some oldies for you. Let’s just say it’s an email inbox break, that thing is an intimidating monster these days, I dread opening it. Maybe if I change my email address I’ll get less spam. Teaches me to post my email address publicly. Let’s start off with an artist I haven’t heard from in a while, Feist. I miss her music, time to dust off her records from the back of my shelf for a good listen again. Grabbed a track off her completely underrated album Open Season, even I brushed it off, but it definitely has its gems. This one being the Postal Service remix of Mushaboom, another track I haven’t listened to in a while since The Reminder came out. I’d probably die a terrible death if Feist decided to add synth into her music, but there’s always people who’ll willingly remix her music to add a bit of synth. I want the before and after, I can have my cake and eat it too! Next one I’d like to thank a friend for sending to me, the Den Haan remix of Hot Chip I Feel Better. Great remix on the song. The music video for the original is messed up, check it out here. I thought they were mocking boy bands at first, but then it just got really weird. And lastly, the Judas + Jesus remix of Feldberg Dreamin’.

Feist – Mushaboom (Postal Service Remix)

Hot Chip – I Feel Better (Den Haan Remix)

Feldberg – Dreamin’ (Jesus + Judas Remix)

Some Things I Missed


Alright, so throughout the year of 2009, I missed some vital tracks. And I’ll admit that some of these tracks, I actually fully listened to and completely brushed off. Not to mention that I failed to submit to The Hype Machine 2009 Zeitgeist, although that was optionally because I could’ve never compiled a proper Top 10 list for albums anyways. Do you know how hard it was last year for me to put one together? So these are three big tracks I missed. I actually heard this track at a club after New Years, and it was so familiar but I could place it. It’s cause I never posted it! The A-Trak remix of Yeah Yeah Yeahs Heads Will Roll. The track has some amazing parts in it, but there were some parts which were slightly repetitive which I can see why it might’ve been a tiny bit off-putting the first time around. But I can’t figure out, with an intro like that how I could’ve not posted it. Secondly, the Hey Champ remix of the Priors. Posted a couple Hey Champ remixes this year, always great stuff coming from them. Lastly, the Diplo remix of Feist‘s I Feel It All which I think I missed altogether. Don’t even really recognize it, in my defense it was released in late 2008, so it passed through two of my lists.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)

Priors – What You Need (Hey Champ Remix)

Feist – I Feel It All (Diplo Remix)