Crushingly Ninja

Seems to be time for my bimonthly post. I really don’t mean it to be bimonthly, but alas, time is limited on my side. Let’s start off with a Plastic Plates remix of The Magician featuring Jeppe. I’ve been posting a lot of Plastic Plates recently, I hope they keep it up. I’ve seen too many of my favorite remix producers either just fade out or go solo and it’s just not the same. I know, there’s no glory in producing remixes, but god damn I love them. Second up is the VillA remix of BENI featuring Mattie Safer Someone Just Like You which has an absolutely amazing beat. Fuck why don’t I hear that more often? Did retro die or something? It’s all this dubstep and textbook techno shit coming out. Which brings me to the last remix, I’m joking I’m joking!! It might be another remix of Foster the People Pumped Up Kicks, but Bridge & Law did a great job doing it. I really liked how the remix flowed, there were some real gem moments in the track, especially when they got creative unlike the majority of the other remixes of this song.

The Magician feat. Jeppe – I Don’t Know What to Do (Plastic Plates Remix)

BENI feat. Mattie Safer – Someone Just Like You (VillA Remix)

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Bridge & Law Remix)

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks

I’m alive! Last two weeks was hell, but I survived and now I’ll have a bit more time. Wanted to come back with a post about Foster The People‘s debut track Pumped Up Kicks. Although they’ve only released three tracks, they’ve gotten quite a bit of attention on music blogs. I’ve only really heard this song Pumped Up Kicks and Houdini, I can see them making it pretty big. Although I see them hitting it big more in the mainstream category than indie, that’s not bad is it? The thing I love about remixes is how they can take something great and put it over the top awesome… some of the time. It might be because they’re combining two of my favorite music genres. I posted The Knocks remix of this track a couple weeks ago, but I couldn’t help but post these two other remixes. The Gigamesh remix is pure gold, it’s kind of what I look for when I search for tracks. Not synth or beat overload, but a good amount of electro. Also the TABS remix which I found was toned down a bit compared to the Gigamesh remix, it actually has a great beat.

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (Gigamesh Remix)

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (TABS Remix)

Hanna Electro

I watched Hanna the other day and I think I was most impressed by the music, that might be the Chemical Brothers fan within me speaking. It was like the whole realization that Trent Reznor produced the music for Quake all over again, except I walked in expecting it. The movie was pretty good, slightly predictable but absolutely entertaining. If anything, I would suggest not watching the trailer to the movie before watching it. Probably not watch trailers in general. Maybe someone can help me out, in the ending credits they played the vocal version of Hanna’s Theme, but there was a second song after that which was awesome, what was that song? My memory is so bad I can’t even figure out which song it is in the soundtrack or if it even is in it.

Anyways, I included the song Escape Wavefold from the Hanna soundtrack by The Chemical Brothers. It’s one of my favorite songs from the movie, although I wish there was more of that beat that starts at 45 seconds. You can listen to some of the soundtrack here. Second is a great remix by The Knocks of Foster The People Pumped Up Kicks which slightly reminds me of the Black Kids. And lastly, another Civilization remix of Justice by Dalcan. It’s one of my preferred ones out there.

The Chemical Brothers – Escape Wavefold

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (The Knocks Remix)

Justice – Civilization (Dalcan Remix)