Saturday Night Fever

Three great tracks for you guys today, been listening to these all week. First is from the one and only Fred Falke, his remix of the Whitest Boy Alive Golden Cage which when I was listening to it strangely but at the same time not really reminded me of Saturday Night Fever. When I ended up Youtubing the famous dance scene from it I remembered how bad that movie actually was simply because it had absolutely no cultural relevance to me whatsoever when I watched it in my teens like what, 20 years after it was actually produced. I don’t blame the movie for that. Point of that rant? Sounded like disco, and I liked it. Second is the remix by Robotaki of Shinichi Osawa. Robotaki from Montreal, Canada, definitely interested in your remixes now. And lastly, good old Death to the Throne and his remix of Metric Twilight Galaxy. Totally could’ve been a track on its own, but worked great with the song.

Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)

Shinichi Osawa – Love Will Guide You feat. Tommie Sunshine (Robotaki Remix)

Metric – Twilight Galaxy (Death to the Throne Remix)

Back a Weathered Soul

That was quite a ride, apartment hunting wasn’t easy looking for somewhere temporary less than a year, pure stupidity to attempt such a task but I made it happen. With all that looking and stress, I totally forgot about the little things like getting internet and listening to music altogether. It’s all done now, except for the annoying lady downstairs who complains we’re somehow making too much noise while napping, maybe it’s the garbage chute right beside your god damn apartment or the garage right underneath? My friend said it best, make better life decisions, if you want quiet buy a more quiet unit. As for the blog? A thousand unread emails in my inbox later, I’ll be here, not like I was in 2008 where I posted 1-2 times a day, but it’ll be more than zero times a month I’ll promise you that much. Those emails will probably never be read, so if it was really important you might want to email again. Other things I missed? The new Arcade Fire album which is seemingly the revival of their music. I am super excited about this one and will have to drop by the music store to pick it up.

Let’s start off this resurrection with some tracks from this week. First off is the Anoraak remix of Neon Indian Psychic Chasms, a band I haven’t given enough attention to on this blog. Very chillwave as wiki put it. Second is the Fred Falke remix of Florrie, this is like the third or fourth great remix coming from that pair. Really liking the beats, as usual from Fred Falke that’s of no surprise. And lastly, The Ooga Booga remix of Futurecop! which really really reminds me of the good old days. I can always trust Futurecop! to do that for me. I’ll listening to more music from my inbox and spread around more, expect less top week tracks. I’ll be less lazy.

Neon Indian – Psychic Chasms (Anoraak Remix)

Florrie – Give Me Your Love (Fred Falke Club Edit)

Futurecop! – Transformers (Ooga Booga Remix)

Life Mould

Linna Xu

Starting off with quite the festive remix by Fool’s Gold of Marina and the Diamonds I Am Not a Robot. It’s got two interesting sounds, the festive solo in the middle and the retro beat with the vocals. Really enjoyed this track. Second is the Fred Falke extended mix of Florrie Panic Attack. He really likes Florrie, this is the second time at least from what I’ve seen that he’s remixed her music. Weirdly enough in a deja vu kind of way, in that post I also posted a remix by Passion Pit of Marina and the Diamonds. I guess these two come together as a package. As usual from Fred Falke, j’aime votre musique. And lastly, a new original from Dan Sena, With Heavy Hearts. Electro club? Very nice, well played out track.

Marina and the Diamonds – I Am Not a Robot (Fool’s Gold Remix)

Florrie – Panic Attack (Fred Falke Extended Mix)

Dan Sena – With Heavy Hearts

Start To The Week

So I thought to myself, should I start off the week with a nice soft sounding post, possibly an album review or something. Nah, we’re going with some electro in the morning. Starting off with an older remix, the Grum vocal remix of Passion Pit‘s To Kingdom Come. I have always enjoyed Grum remixes, just the right amount of everything. Second is the Passion Pit remix of Marina and the Diamonds. See, the two are related, clever. She might hate this comparison because she must get it from time to time, but sounds a little bit like Shakira? Whatever, Shakira has quite the voice anyways so that’s a compliment. And lastly, some soft electro to end off the post, Fred Falke‘s remix of Florrie‘s Call 911.

Passion Pit – To Kingdom Come (Grum Vocal Mix)

Marina and the Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot (Passion Pit Remix)

Florrie – Call 911 (Fred Falke Remix)

Hello 2010, Goodbye 2009


Happy New Year!! It’s that time of the year again, I can’t believe 2009 is coming to an end. Not only that, but this decade is coming to an end. I was reading through a newspaper about what people would remember about the 00’s, we really need to find a better name for this decade, and it was actually slightly depressing; Bush as president, 9/11 and global terrorist attacks, SARS outbreak, wars, the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, avian flu, subprime mortgage crisis and recession, H1N1, and of course most importantly in the eyes of the public and what the newspapers concentrated on, young stars dying unexpectedly. The decade of fear I guess, but better than the 1940’s. Or maybe we’ll look at this decade as the decade of high speed internet and internet memes, Facebook, netbooks, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and iPhones, when Apple began their world domination, American Apparel brought tight jeans, flashy colors, and metallic back into style finally ridding us of those ugly bell-bottom baggy jeans, denim vests and tie-die t-shirts, Summer Olympics making it communist China, and Barack Obama as president. For me, the decade of good television and movies. But 2010 should be a pretty epic year, Winter Olympics in Vancouver, FIFA World Cup in South Africa, uh…

Anyways, this year’s top 10 is like last year’s top 10 list. The top 10 tracks that I posted on this blog or any honorable mentions. Completely vague title and criteria because well, then you can’t get mad at me for posting the wrong thing. It’s all right! Contrary to that, I tried to include all the artists who really got it right in the bloggosphere this year, so it wasn’t track status alone. Sadly, unlike last year, there’s no Justice, Soulwax, or MSTRKRFT in sight. And huge apologies for these tracks being reposted on Hype Machine. It seems I made that mistake last year and I’ll make it again this year. Opps! It’s also been a very slow year musically and really busy year everywhere else for me, so if any of you think I’ve missed a top track, please by all means comment an honorable mention. I’ll be forever in your debt.

10. Phoenix – Lisztomania (Alex Metric Remix)

Can’t have a top 10 list for 2009 without mentioning Phoenix. And how perfect, there’s a great Alex Metric remix of their track Lisztomania. Surprisingly coming from Alex Metric, it’s not as club as his tracks usually are. All the better why I’ll be starting off the list with this track.

9. Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets (The Knocks Remix)

I really like this remix by The Knocks. Ellie Goulding has an amazing voice and produces some great synth pop tracks. Combined with some electro from The Knocks, it’s definitely the trifecta of greatness. There’s a point 1 minute in the song that really blows me away.

8. The Virgins – Rich Girls (Le Castle Vania Remix)

I know, The Twelves totally remixed this track by The Virgins first. Le Castle Vania completely 1upped them. Like the electro rock version of the track, I couldn’t make a top 10 list without bringing Le Castle Vania into the mix. They’ve been producing great remixes since way before I even started blogging.

7. A-Ha – Take On Me (The Twelves Remix)

Did I ever mention I was a big but secret A-Ha fan? Okay, maybe I’m a Take On Me fan. I don’t really know any other A-Ha songs. But this track made my month. I kept asking myself why no one made an A-Ha remix, it would be the best thing in the world and The Twelves answered my prayers! Who better to do it too!

6. Matt and Kim – Daylight (Troublemaker Remix)

Another surprising track, I’m pretty sure I mentioned it when I posted this track, but a remix of Matt and Kim? Completely unexpected. Not to mention Troublemaker pulled it off flawlessly.

5. Passion Pit – The Reeling (Calvin Harris Remix)

This Calvin Harris remix is, in my opinion, the best one of Passion Pit‘s The Reeling. There’s some good ones out there, and I probably posted at least ten, but I love this one. Not to mention the fact that Calvin Harris really reached back to his musical roots on this one. I don’t know, his newer remixes seem to be missing whatever this remix has.

4. La Roux – In For The Kill (Lifelike Remix)

When I first heard this track I was blown away, it probably had to do with the fact that I was obsessed with La Roux for that short period of time. But I still love the track now. Lifelike knows just how to make the right sounds in electro. It’s old school, but that’s where it’s at.

3. T.I. vs Passion Pit – What You Know About Little Secrets (The White Panda Mash-Up)

This has to be my favorite mash-up this year, who would’ve thought to combine T.I. and Passion Pit. Of course The White Panda, a mash-up and remix duo I’ve never even heard of. Tom Evans (aka Procrast) and Dan Griffith (aka DJ Griffi) based out of Chicago and Los Angeles definitely got my attention. I mean, mixing indie and hip hop has been done in the past, but this was just so well done. Not to mention the fact I have so much fun listening to this track, definitely puts a smile on my face.

2. Coeur De Pirate – Comme Des Enfants (Le Matos Andy Carmichael Remix)

One of my favorite remix discoveries this year, although Le Matos has been a little stagnant in producing new remixes, I’m expecting some great stuff next year. He does have some tracks though that you should check out. Epic intro to the track, it’s almost like Coeur De Pirate‘s voice is perfect for electro. She’ll probably read this and hate me for saying that cause it’s almost an insult to her genre of music, but I totally meant it as a compliment.

1. Little Boots – New In Town (Fred Falke Remix)

After #5, it was really difficult choosing which track went where. Really, I could have combined all the tracks and put them at #1, but no one would be happy about that. So I’ll end off this top 10 list with one of my favorite remixers Fred Falke remixing one of my favorite artists Little Boots. It’s one of those ‘chill out, electro remixes don’t have to be amazingly fast and heavy in the bass’ tracks which I always love. Fred Falke along with Moulinex and Lifelike make remixes that I love, they doesn’t even have to try.

Honorable Mention:
Fever Ray – Seven (The Twelves Remix)