Sunny Sunday


Making a post before I head out today, looks fantastic where I am. First track is a strange sounding one, and I love how strange it sounds, the Gesaffelstein remix of Phoenix Bankrupt! The track itself, released in the same titled album last year, is also a strange mix of sounds but Gesaffelstein went up and beyond in the remix with an almost Adam’s Family take to it. Second up is the RAC Remix of The Knocks Classic. These are two artists that I love, the original track Classic is an awesome summer track. And lastly, reversed, a The Knocks remix of RAC’s Cheap Sunglasses. Again, can’t go without mentioning the original track.

Phoenix – Bankrupt! (Gesaffelstein Remix)

The Knocks – Classic (RAC Remix)

RAC feat. Matthew Koma – Cheap Sunglasses (The Knocks Remix)

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans

So a remix attracted me to this, which we’ll end off with today. I’ve never really given much notice towards Lana Del Rey, maybe because her music has been beyond my scope, but here I am posting about her. I posted the original Blue Jeans for you just so you could tell the difference between the remixes. First off is the Gesaffelstein, wasn’t very liked on Hype but I thought the remix was amazing. That electric beat is genius, works well for the song. The remix probably didn’t get much attention because it was completely overshadowed by the RAC remix which is spectacular, yes I’ve looked through the thesaurus, not really. I love the fact that it’s so different from the original, not that I dislike the original, but I love it when remixers can pull it off properly. It’s not easy. Such a good beat to the RAC remix, I can listen to it everyday, it’s so CLEAN. None of that dubstep I just puked on myself bullshit sound. Check out their other remixes, fantastic!!

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (Gesaffelstein Remix)

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (RAC Remix)