nicholas lorden

Big start, a new track from SebastiAn Enio which was featured in Ed Banger’s Let the Children Techno. Big because I’ve always been a fan of SebastiAn but he released stuff like once a year. Probably more, I just don’t pay enough attention, what a fan I am. Secondly, Moullinex‘s Meow which is from his new EP Chocolate. It’s great hearing stuff from Moullinex too! Make sure you check out the rest of the EP, great tracks like Tear Club. And lastly, the Tip’s n’ Hype! mash-up of Lifelike So Electric and Gypsy and the Cat Jona Vark. Kind of reminds me why I love Lifelike so much, I really got to get some more of his older remixes up.

Sebastian – Enio

Moullinex – Meow

Lifelike vs. Gypsy And the Cat – So Jona (Tip’s n’ Hype! Mash-Up)