Hits Day

Well, seems the music might be getting better this year? First time in a while I took a look around on Hype Machine and actually liked some of the stuff being posted, and the lists weren’t being flooded by dubstep. You know I went to a party recently and everyone born after 1990 wanted dubstep, I was deeply saddened because dubstep is so prominent now and I’m old… Anyways, first time in a while, I’m happy to post some hits from this week. Starting off with the Calvin Harris remix if his own song Let’s Go. The original remix before I borrowed it said featuring Ne-Yo, it’s kind of funny because I felt like this track was everything from the original minus Ne-Yo… and my electronic music self likes it more. Yeah, I took out the “featuring” part. The Hey Champ remix of Housse De Racket Chateau, absolutely loving this one. More of this please music world. And lastly as I promised, a SebastiAn remix of The Shoes Time To Dance. Surprisingly not a lot of remixes for this track, and it’s been at least a year. That’s unfortunate.

Calvin Harris – Let’s Go (Calvin Harris Remix)

Housse De Racket – Chateau (Hey Champ Remix)

The Shoes – Time To Dance (Sebastian Remix)