Mashable v2.0

So this is kind of a mash-up post but also a weekend update, because there were three hit mash-ups that were posted up this week that people went mad for. And I can see why, they were great. There’s just something about mash-ups that I, and everyone else, have a weakness for. Starting off with the Chambaland mash-up of Stevie Wonder Uptight and Jay Sean Down featuring Lil Wayne. Loving it, although he sped up Stevie Wonder’s voice so much I couldn’t even tell it was from that song. Second, The White Panda mash-up of Weezer Island In The Sun and J-Kwon Tipsy. Have you heard the original of Tipsy? I have to say this was quite an improvement, to my tastes anyways, don’t get all mad J-Kwon fans. And lastly, I guess a less serious mash-up but still just as amazing if not more, the Clockwork mash-up of Lil Wayne Hustler Musik and the theme song of The Office. (Had to repost because the tracks never came up! Sorry RRS subscribers.)

Stevie Wonder vs. Jay Sean feat. Lil’ Wayne – Downtight (Chambaland Mash-Up)

Weezer vs. J-Kwon – Tipsy In The Sun (The White Panda Mash-Up)

Dwight K. Shrute vs. Weezy F. Baby – Office Musik (Clockwork Mash-Up)