Justice – Audio, Video, Disco

Date Released: October 24, 2011
Album Genre: Electronic Rock, House
Album Rating: 7/10

I have to get this off my chest before I start, if you liked anything about the hits from Justice‘s debut album then you’ve got another thing coming. That especially goes for those of you who only listened to Cross for the electro-pop tracks D.A.N.C.E., DVNO, or Tthhee Ppaarrttyy or the harsh electro tracks Genesis, Phantom, Stress or Waters of Nazareth. Did I just name off all the tracks from the first album? Pretty much! This album is more like Audio, Video, Disco, not enough Electro, but to be honest when has Justice ever described themselves as solely electro? We just assumed it as they were riding the French House movement and are signed with Ed Banger who seems to be the principal French label for releasing electronic-house music internationally, but looking at it now I feel this album is more true to Justice than the last one ever was. If you’ve ever heard any of Justice’s mixes, I’m talking about their famous Fabric Rejected Mix, or gone to their off-tour shows where half the people asked “wait, aren’t they going to play D.A.N.C.E.? What is this stuff they’re play now?!”, then you’d understand that they’ve always been this.

The album starts off with Horsepower and Civilization, which you assume is the direction they’re starting to take with all this talk about the album being so different. It is in a sense still similar to some of the harsher sounding electro tracks from their first album, which I actually think sounds great. Little do you know they’re only easing you into how much they’ve changed as you come across Ohio and Canon, which I had to double check that my iTunes wasn’t on shuffle and that I was listening to a Pink Floyd track I had never heard before. I actually had to triple check, so now we hit the 80’s progressive rock section. The tracks are awesome, but sadly I have a feeling they will be criticized for not being “Justice” enough, in other words no one is playing these tracks in clubs. Then we come across the synth rock section with On’n’On, Brainvision, Parade, and Newlands. They’re definitely tracks I’d prefer to chill out or work out to than rock out to in a club. And ending off with one of the better tracks in the album, Helix which actually sounds like Justice and Daft Punk had a child, an awesome child. It’s the only track from this album I’d consider truly electro, it also sounds like it should be in the opening cinematic of a Halo game. The last track to end off the album is Audio, Video, Disco which I have to admit I wasn’t very impressed with when I first heard it. It lacked a lot of what I liked about Justice but it totally grew on me since first listening to it.

Favorite tracks would have to be Horsepower, Civilization, Parade, and Helix, which all seem to be the harder sounding tracks of the album. I’ve never really liked the soft ballad sounding songs in any music so it’s not that the other tracks are bad, just my taste in music. I’ll have to finish this review off by saying you shouldn’t listen to this album expecting the Justice you’ve heard before. Walk in with a blank slate and you’ll enjoy it a lot, the album is solid once you do that. Or maybe you’ll hate it!

1. Horesepower (4/5)
2. Civilization (5/5)
3. Ohio (3/5)
4. Canon (Interlude)
5. Canon (3/5)
6. On’n’on (3/5)
7. Brainvision (3/5)
8. Parade (4/5)
9. Newlands (4/5)
10. Helix (5/5)
11. Audio, Video, Disco (3/5)

Justice – Horsepower

Justice – Helix

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Justice – Audio, Video, Disco

Er, new Justice track Audio, Video, Disco from their new album of the same name which is due out for October 25 this year. I guess it’s appropriate for it to sound a bit like it should be at a Halloween party given its release date… yeah I know that’s not their intention! Not sure how I feel about this one though, I definitely like Civilization better and am hoping for more of that style in the album than this although I doubt that’s happening given the album is named after this track. Oh well, here’s hoping.

Justice – Audio, Video, Disco

Hanna Electro

I watched Hanna the other day and I think I was most impressed by the music, that might be the Chemical Brothers fan within me speaking. It was like the whole realization that Trent Reznor produced the music for Quake all over again, except I walked in expecting it. The movie was pretty good, slightly predictable but absolutely entertaining. If anything, I would suggest not watching the trailer to the movie before watching it. Probably not watch trailers in general. Maybe someone can help me out, in the ending credits they played the vocal version of Hanna’s Theme, but there was a second song after that which was awesome, what was that song? My memory is so bad I can’t even figure out which song it is in the soundtrack or if it even is in it.

Anyways, I included the song Escape Wavefold from the Hanna soundtrack by The Chemical Brothers. It’s one of my favorite songs from the movie, although I wish there was more of that beat that starts at 45 seconds. You can listen to some of the soundtrack here. Second is a great remix by The Knocks of Foster The People Pumped Up Kicks which slightly reminds me of the Black Kids. And lastly, another Civilization remix of Justice by Dalcan. It’s one of my preferred ones out there.

The Chemical Brothers – Escape Wavefold

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (The Knocks Remix)

Justice – Civilization (Dalcan Remix)

Mainstream Electro Defibrillator

Well, Justice‘s new single is coming! I’m really liking what I’m hearing from Civilization, I can’t wait for the album to come out. As to the title, mainstream electro has needed some type of revival since 2009, at least here in North America, with all the big guys taking a partying break; Justice, MSTRKRFT, Soulwax, Van She, kind of Chromeo, among many others. Mainstream electro because the electro scene itself has done absolutely fine without these big guys, but you know, I enjoy hearing awesome electro on the radio when I walk by the stores rather than the shit they normally play. Other people are like, fuck mainstream! Shut up hipster.

Anyways, the original track from the single! Yea, enough of that Adidas Commercial crap eh? When the ad is converted to TV ad time it doesn’t even make sense. Sorry, no download links from me, but you can get it from iTunes. Also included four remixes, there’s a bunch out there though. First remix is The Duelles remix which really changed the track, I love it when it’s like that with a remix. It sounds like the niche genre of retro electro I love. I should just change this blog’s name from Sundtrak to Retro Electro. Second is the Jumping Jack Flash remix, pure awesome. I love the beat from it. The Luxar remix which adds a techno feel to it and the ZEDEX edit which well, the title of the song gives it to you, it’s a re-edit.

Justice – Civilization (Album Version)

Justice – Civilization (The Duelles Remix)

Justice – Civilization (Jumping Jack Flash Remix)

Justice – Civilization (Luxar Remix)

Justice – Civilization (ZEDEX Re-edit)

Justice – Civilization

So Adidas released some very good news about Justice on Sunday in their new “Adidas Is All In” ad campaign. New Single. Civilization. April 4th! That’s soon. The commercial is pretty epic, produced by Romain Gavras, it featured Katy Perry, B.o.B., Justice, and the Adidas team; Derrick Rose, Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Louis Smith, others I couldn’t really recognize right off the bat. I’m not even going to make any judgments on the album off of this track, I’m excited for new.

Justice – Civilization (Video Rip)