It’s so hot I can’t think of a title

It’s 30C out here in Toronto and it’s 9AM. Is this a joke? What’s going on? Is this Canada or not?! I thought the deal was we got extreme cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer. Anyways, lack of brain power at the moment, this is going to be a very straight forward week update post which may or may not contain a lot of mistakes. I was looking for pictures at first and was trying to make it related to the post title; things that are hot, but all that did was make me feel even warmer. I decided to do all of us a favor and post with a picture of a nice cold snow cone! First is a remix by Mylo and Sharooz of Robyn Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do. Overall the track both really impresses me and makes me laugh. It kind of sounds like they had a lot of fun remixing this track, not really following a rigid format. Second is the Gigamesh remix of Mike Posner Cooler Than Me which caught my attention. And lastly, none other than Katy Perry‘s California Gurls which as annoyingly popular as the song is is so damn catchy. Remix by Passion Pit, their remixes always surprise me cause it’s so different from their actual music. Sorry for the lack of posts over the last two weeks, I’ve been in Ottawa my hometown more than where I’m living now in Toronto but I’m back now!

Robyn – Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do (Mylo and Sharooz Mix)

Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh Remix Final Version)

Katy Perry – California Gurls (Passion Pit Radio Remix)

Take It And Go

Let’s start off with an awesome remix by Aeroplane of Breakbot Baby I’m Yours. I’m always impressed by Aeroplane’s remixes, if you can remember their amazing remix of Au Revoir Simone last year. This sounds something almost out of Tron at the beginning, I love the retro sound and I’ve far from gotten my fix of it this year. I haven’t really paid much attention to Breakbot but I really have to listen to more of his stuff. The original track is completely different from the remix though; retro but not electro. Well, I haven’t posted any Katy Perry tracks in almost a year and in honor of her new, well month old single I will be posting the ALGERONICS remix of the California Gurls. Since that summer of I Kissed A Girl, Katy Perry really fell behind Lady Gaga at least in hype. Maybe that will change with a new album coming out this year. And lastly, the Epyk remix of Jamaica. Nice improvements to the track. I totally thought I posted Jamaica, this track was produced by Xavier de Rosnay from Justice. It seems I never did though.

Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (Aeroplane Remix)

Katy Perry – California Gurls (ALGERONICS Remix)

Jamaica – I Think I Like U 2 (Epyk Remix)