Occupy This

Four tracks for you all! The Knight One remix of LIGHTS is mind blowing in the calmest way ever, I’m really liking it. Really going for the retro sounding route, I love that route. I haven’t listened to her newest album Siberia yet, I’ll have to give it a shot though. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgot about the other albums I was going to write about, but you know what? I like letting albums sit, people who push out reviews two weeks before the album is released probably regret half the things they say. I hated the new Justice album for the first week I listened to it, but changed drastically afterwards. At least my indecisiveness is predictable! I’ve been meaning to post this track for a while now, the Le Castle Vania remix of Kaskade. I haven’t posted this kind of electro since what feels like last year, but Le Castle Vania makes amazing remixes. His other remix which he released recently of Split & Jaxta Roulette is harsher sounding, I really needed something fast like this though. And one from the hit list, the Cazzettes remix of Spencer & Hill Believe It. It’s more club, but whatever I really liked the track.

LIGHTS – Toes (Knight One Remix)

Kaskade – Turn It Down (Le Castle Vania Remix)

Split & Jaxta – Roulette (Le Castle Vania Remix)

Spencer & Hill ft. Nadia Ali – Believe It (Cazzettes Androids Sound Hot Remix)