Inbox Update #1

Not my first inbox update, but I’ll start numbering them. Starting off with the Death to the Throne remix of Lykke Li Paris Blue. I was going to congratulate D2TT for being on top of things with Lykke Li releasing her new album Wounded Rhymes next week and all, but this track isn’t even from that album. More indie than ever, a b-side track from her single Get Some. While we’re on the subject, you can get a stream of her whole album on Hype Machine. Second is the Flosstradamus remix of Punches. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything from either artist, good times. I actually like the fact that it sounds slightly off, just slightly. And lastly, the Keljet remix of Laidback Luke featuring Jonathan Mendelsohn.

Lykke Li – Paris Blue (Death to the Throne Remix)

Punches – Sleepless City (Flosstradamus ReRub)

Laidback Luke feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Timebomb (Keljet Remix)

Sasha’s one of THOSE people, gawd!

Hey Everyone!

We got a new ride! You like it? I think WordPress is HUWAAAAY sexier than Blogger. It took me a bit to set everything up because I am not THAT computer savvy when it comes to FTPs, friggin server connecting, clicking things on the screen, etc. However, i fought my way through what seemed like an e-Sisyphean task for me and here I am freshly WordPressed with a crease and all.

Now let’s get back to what we do here best and hook you up with some music…

Rubix – Disco Electronique (Rubix Edit)

Lots of good House coming out of Holland these days. Laidback Luke, Don Diablo, and some other guys are starting a revolution, I think. It’s comforting to see that Holland is moving away from Trance which we all know has been the staple for a Dutch producer/DJ for decades now. Rubix shows this new revolution beautifully with this track. Great Disco banger that’ll kill anything in its path……definitely a must have!!

DCUP – To Be In Love (Universe Remix)

Alright! Looks like there’s a new kid on the block called Universe. We do NOT know who he/she/them is/are, but what we do know is that this/these kid/kids is/are really wicked at what they do with other people’s tracks!! Annoyed with the slashes yet? Me, too! So here’s Universe’s take on DCUP and make sure to check out the other remixes!

Crystal Castles – Crimewave (Midnight Conspiracy Remix)

Midnight Conspiracy have been occupying my inbox and iTunes for a while now and rightfully so. I’m not much of a Crystal Castles fan, but this remix is making me reconsider that snobbiness. So if they can convert moi, then you HAVE to have this track. Very dope if you wanna impress some hipsters 😀