I Can Hear The Violence

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I have to say, remixes of Lana Del Rey tracks always end up amazing. I had to check out the original just to see how much Hotel Garuda changed it, pretty much all of it except the vocals. At first the introduction rubbed me the wrong way, but man it grew on me fast. As strange as it is, it totally does the job properly. I am also excited to hear their other remixes now, future posts?! Runner up is Tchami’s remix of Oliver $ and Jimi JulesPushing On. Amazing sound after the intro. And lastly, the Oliver Nelson Remix of SomeKindaWonderful Reverse. Fantastic track, great way to end off this post.

Lana Del Rey – Ultraviolence (Hotel Garuda Remix)

Oliver $ & Jimi Jules – Pushing On (Tchami Remix)

SomeKindaWonderful – Reverse (Oliver Nelson Remix)


prohibition repeal

Got three killer tracks today, I’ve been saving them up for a bit until I got three tracks together. First off is the damn amazing Barretso remix of Lana Del Rey Ride. I’ve heard a couple remixes of this track and this tops it. It’s more upbeat than the Photek remix, another one I really like. Next up is the Alex Metric remix of Empire of the Sun DNA. My first thought hearing this track was “wait, Empire of the Sun released a new album?” They did, in June! Something for me to check out. As with most Alex Metric tracks, they’re always a great listen. Lastly is Robotaki‘s remix of The M Machine A King Alone. I love the sound Robotaki tracks have, he makes great music.

Lana Del Rey – Ride (Barretso Remix)

Empire of the Sun – DNA (Alex Metric Remix)

The M Machine – A King Alone (Robotaki Remix)

Rebuild Stronger

Some administrative stuff to start off this great week, great for a Monday right? Contact method is different now for anyone still emailing me at my old email, that email will no longer work. I was receiving upwards to 50-100 emails a day, at least half of them was spam. Now there’s a nice contact form you can use here. A little more steps to contacting me, but this ensures that I will actually read your email now unless bots figure that out too and spam me to hell again! If you are looking to request content removal or apply to write for Sundtrak, remember to select the contact type in the dropdown.

Also, the music player should now work on your iPhones and iPads because Adobe is being a bitch and removing flash support to everything. Whatever, they probably see it as outdated technology too. However, the player doesn’t seem to work on mobile Firefox without flash. You’ll have to live without for now. The HTML5 player also doesn’t automatically start the next track when it is finished, that will be a work in progress until later.

Now for the music! Starting off with the Viceroy remix of Amtrac‘s Those Days. Great upbeat track with a hint of the 90’s, thank you Viceroy for that, you can hear the original here. Second is the Classixx remix of Passion Pit Take A Walk which has that baseline I love. I can’t even explain why I like the sound so much. And lastly, the Photek remix of Lana Del Rey Ride, a track from her newest album (or EP, whatever) Paradise. I’m a sucker for remixes of her tracks as they turn them upbeat, and you have to admit her voice is magical with a great beat behind it. If you haven’t noticed already, the links are becoming more and more from Soundcloud. That’s not me getting lazy, but it’s the best way for me to support artists and because Soundcloud is such an amazingly music distribution platform, typically they provide a download link with the track. So if you like what you hear, visit the artist’s pages and the Soundcloud links!

Amtrac – Those Days (Viceroy Remix)

Passion Pit – Take A Walk (Classixx Remix)

Lana Del Rey – Ride (Photek Remix)

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans

So a remix attracted me to this, which we’ll end off with today. I’ve never really given much notice towards Lana Del Rey, maybe because her music has been beyond my scope, but here I am posting about her. I posted the original Blue Jeans for you just so you could tell the difference between the remixes. First off is the Gesaffelstein, wasn’t very liked on Hype but I thought the remix was amazing. That electric beat is genius, works well for the song. The remix probably didn’t get much attention because it was completely overshadowed by the RAC remix which is spectacular, yes I’ve looked through the thesaurus, not really. I love the fact that it’s so different from the original, not that I dislike the original, but I love it when remixers can pull it off properly. It’s not easy. Such a good beat to the RAC remix, I can listen to it everyday, it’s so CLEAN. None of that dubstep I just puked on myself bullshit sound. Check out their other remixes, fantastic!!

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (Gesaffelstein Remix)

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (RAC Remix)