Inbox Update #?

Alright, starting off this beautiful afternoon with a bleed in from the last post. I meant to post this in the afternoon, but the holiday got in the way. Opps. First off, The Art remix of The Dirty Disco White Room. I can’t say I know what the original sounds like, but the track is pretty dance rock awesome. Second, diving straight into electro, the FiSK remix of Foals. Haven’t heard anything the Foals in a while, which is surprising because they supposedly released an album 2 weeks ago. Something else for me to check out. And lastly, SposhRock‘s mash-up of Ratatat Drugs and Lupe Fiasco Kick, Push. It works surprisingly well. Enjoy!

The Dirty Disco – White Room (The Art Remix)

Foals – Electric Bloom (FiSK Remix)

Ratatat vs. Lupe Fiasco – Pushin’ Drugs (SposhRock Mash-Up)

Hungry for music

Started the week off with a rather long review, now for a short post. I’m pooped in terms of writing, I’m not a writer by nature. I have been waiting a long time to post this track, a long time being really only a week and the track being the ATLAS remix of Yeah Yeah Yeahs Maps. I love it. Sasha actually posted another one of their remixes last week of The Crystal Method, I haven’t actually heard of ATLAS before but I’m pleasantly surprised. While we’re still buzzing about Crystal Castles, the LightsoverLA remix of Vietnam, what a great remix. What Crystal Castles would sound like if they picked up full-on electro I guess. And lastly, a mash-up from Ha! Yes again this time of Lupe Fiasco Superstar and Empire of the Sun Walking on a Dream, a great mix.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps (ATLAS Remix)

Crystal Castles – Vietnam (LightsoverLA Remix)

Lupe Fiasco vs. Empire of the Sun – Dream of a Superstar (Ha! Yes Mash-up)