No Looking Back


Hello old friends. Was listening to RAC’s Chapter One soundcloud mix the other day and had this immense feeling of nostalgia for Sundtrak. I think my taste in music has changed over the last year or two, so I may attempt to ease the blog into it a bit. Anyways without further ado, here’s a random post like the good old days. I’m still a bit iffy about the whole Soundcloud formatted posts, but it is the most legit and easiest way I can provide streaming. Soundcloud really has taken over, it’s different from way back, but if you scroll back a post or two you’ll see why I dislike Soundcloud… tracks simply disappear. Let me know if you prefer this or the old player.

Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive

Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive (Shaun Frank Remix)

Oh Land – Renaissance Girls (Mattanoll Remix)

Autograf – Dream (Robotaki Remix)

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