Goldroom – Otoño Mix 2014

Couldn’t resist posting this mix, although it doesn’t need much more publicity with almost 90k plays and being #2 on the Hype Machine popular list, it is an awesome mix by Goldroom. Admittedly it has a summer feel to it throughout, it is a nice listen.

1. D/A/D – Terminal
2. Goldroom – Till Sunrise (feat Mammals)
3. Dawn Golden – All I Want (Manila Killa Remix)
4. Yasmine Hamdan – Deny (Holmes Price Remix)
5. Estate & Liquid Pegasus – Tendency (Satin Jackets Remix)
6. Glen Check – Paint It Gold (Anoraak Remix)
7. Bondax – All I See (Darius Remix)
8. Panama Wedding – All Of The People (Option 4 Remix)
9. LeSonic – All The Lights (NTEIBINT Remix)
10. Jardin Studio Orchestra – Runnin’ Out Of Night (Ray Mang Mix)
11. Architecture In Helsinki – I Might Survive (Goldroom Remix)
12. Le Loups – Colourblind
13. Ninetones – Finder
14. Alex Metric – Heart Weighs A Ton (Cassian Remix)
15. Casino Gold – Sunbeams
16. Zak Waters – Out Of My Head (Tobtok Remix)
17. RUFUS – Sarah (Touch Sensitive Remix)

8tracks Mix – Nos·tal·gia (2008)

Alright, got my first mix up on 8tracks! Originally I was going to make one mix for the entire blog’s existence, but by the time I got through to the end of the 2008 tracks, I was up to 2 hours in mix length… so here it is only for 2008.

2 Many DJ's – As Heard On Radio Soulwax

I felt it appropriate to also post Part 1, for the sake of including everything. Not completely sure why the video I posted yesterday is completely different from this Part 2 version, but I guess now you have three mixes?

Part 1:

Part 2:

Back From The Ashes

So I’m back to test the water. That hiatus post should have been put up a year ago, but it really let me rethink things. The blog does not have to be a dedication, but my love for this music is growing. Don’t expect daily posts like before, but I will be here. Unfortunately, less downloadable content, but more discussion about music and newly released albums.

Stopmakingme – Dollars to Pounds Mix

Came across this great mix by Stopmakingme for FADER, original post here. At the same time finding this mix, I also found out I lost all my old mixes, including the ones I made. Very unfortunate. So I decided to get some new mixes into my collection starting with this one.

Included three tracks, check the bottom of the post for the tracklist and stream for the mix. First is the Marcus Marr remix of Shit Robot Take Em Up. Second is my personal favorite from this mix, the Get A Room remix of Scenic This Can’t Be. If you don’t know me already, this kind of sound gets me every time. And lastly, his remix of Hercules and Love Affair My House.

Shit Robot – Take Em Up (Marcus Marr Remix)

Scenic – This Can’t Be (Get A Room Remix)

Hercules and Love Affair – My House (Stopmakingme Remix)

1. Remute – Cowbell Mania Pt.1
2. Stopmakingme – Rattle
3. Tribute – We Love Debbie
4. Shit Robot – Take Em Up (Marcus Marr Remix)
5. Scenic – This Can’t Be (Get A Room! Remix)
6. Hercules & Love Affair – My House (Stopmakingme Remix)
7. In Flagranti – Peculiar Protagonist (Stopmakingme Remix)
8. Stopmakingme – Smint (In Flagranti Remix)
9. Virgo – Mechanically Replayed
10. Discodeine – Ring Mutilation
11. Tiga – Pleasure From The Bass
12. Telephones – Kanal (Prins Thomas Remix)
13. Tevo Howard – Foreigner
14. Bag Raiders – Sunlight (Stopmakingme Remix)
16. Lost In Paris interlude
17. Lykke Li – Get Some (Beck Remix)
18. Electronicat – Savage Cat
19. Naum Gabo – Spessivtseva
20. Prince – Sign O’ The Times
21. Headman – Blue Girls (Richard D. Clouston Remix)
22. Ono – Give Peace A Chance (Richard Fearless Remix)
23. Stopmakingme & The Deadstock 33s – Gravity

Stopmakingme – Dollars to Pounds Mix