What about clubbing?


Week four of being in Toronto; old friends, drinking booze, unhealthy food, G20, being locked out of campus/work, holiday. After all this madness, a serious lack of music or good electro at least. When will this next electro revival be? When Justice releases a new album? I certainly hope it comes sooner than that. I’ve found a few great tracks to satisfy my needs until then. First off, a track which sent to me from a friend, thank you maybe you should write for us, the THIS/Is remix of Paradiso Girls Patron Tequilla. It kind of reminds me of the good old days when I just started this blog up, amazing remix. The Lorenz Rhode remix of Moullinex Superman, his most recent single. I’ve always liked Moullinex’s remixes, I’m very curious about his originals which he seems to be concentrating on now. And lastly, the John Poincarré remix of Chic which I heard on Hype and couldn’t pass up. It reminded me of Daft Punk in many ways.

Paradiso Girls – Patron Tequila (THIS Is Remix)

Moullinex – Superman (Lorenz Rhode Remix)

Chic – What About Me (John Poincarre Remix)

Don Cheadle on a Bed of Rice


Thank you 30 Rock and Jon Hamm for making my week. Alright, let’s start hump day off with a great remix from Designer Drugs of Annie‘s Anthonio. First time I’ve been really blown away by a remix in a while. It’s very club and very up beat, but I think that might be what we need. Second is the Moulinex remix of Who Made Who‘s I Lost My Voice. Or should I say Moullinex now, I guess he changed it. I thought, I haven’t posted Moullinex in a while so I’d check up with his stuff and alas, there’s some new remixes. You should totally check him out if you haven’t already, I’ll only post one of his tracks. And lastly, the Dan Sena remix of the Scanners. Have you heard the original? Officially amazed by Dan Sena’s talent.

Annie – Anthonio (Designer Drugs Remix)

Who Made Who – I Lost My Voice (Moulinex Remix)

Scanners – Salvation (Dan Sena Blinded by the Light Remix)