So I’ve been deciding for a while, should I revamp Sundtrak? I’ve had the same theme up for at least three years. The theme is still made to fit screens that go with 800×600 resolution or less. The audio player is still using flash, everything is moving away from that. I can’t even play any of the music on this blog on my phone! My blogroll hasn’t been updated in at least a year, half of those blogs are probably gone by now. Just to let you know, I’ve noticed. The player won’t get updated any time soon though, that’d be a big job. Three great tracks that have been circulating around blogs. The Theatre of Delays remix of No Ceremony Feelsolow, absolutely great electro feel to this track. Second track is the Cyril Hahn remix of Solange Losing You which kind of surprised me. It started off slow, but I’m digging the whole 90’s new wave synthpop feel to the track. Ending off with the Little Daylight remix of Passion Pit‘s Constant.

No Ceremony – Feelsolow (Theatre Of Delays Remix) – removed by request

Solange – Losing You (Cyril Hahn Remix)

Passion Pit – Constant Conversations (Little Daylight Remix)