Les Choux de Creteil - Victor Hsuphoto credit victor hsu

Alright, starting off with an older track. A friend introduced me to Lorde last weekend so I had to check it out, he was right, kind of like Lana Del Rey. She probably resents that comparison. Anyways, so far my favorite remix of her track Swingin’ Party is by Terace. Second up is the Oxford remix of Portland‘s Deezy Daisy. Great retro feel there, which totally follows over to my next chosen track, Hey Champ‘s On Holiday. I think I have a really specific taste in music… like angelic female vocalist with a good bass beat and retro sound…

Lorde – Swingin’ Party (Terace Midwinter Xmas Remix)

Portland – Deezy Daisy (Oxford Remix)

Hey Champ – On Holiday