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Aye, surely I would have anticipated this, but I was unexpectedly signed up to some courses. Yes, I never noticed until a week after the courses had started that I was enrolled, so I am much busier than I ever want to be. Unfortunately this means the blog will take a back seat in terms of priority, I am really hoping Sundtrak isn’t on its last lifeline here. I remember when I first started out, I saw other music blogs simply closing because the owner didn’t have the time to manage it and I thought to myself, “how could that ever happen?” At the time I was posting at least once a day. Ideally I would have an unlimited data cell plan and used that to listen to music constantly during down times. Oh well, I love this blog and I will continue to love it!

So, The Knocks remix of Tegan and Sara Closer. Fuck yes. I mean the original is already amazing, even though I had absolutely no idea that’s what Tegan and Sara sounded like. I admit I never really gave them a chance before, despite being Canadian and definitely having heard their stuff on the radio but not putting two and two together, I was expecting more Broken Social Scene style. Anyways, I will have to listen to their earlier stuff. The Knocks makes another killer remix. While I’m at it, here’s one from 2010 by Passion Pit and RAC of Alligator. This just became a Tegan and Sara post… unintended.

Tegan and Sara – Closer

Tegan and Sara – Closer (The Knocks Remix)

Tegan and Sara – Alligator (RAC Mix)

Tegan and Sara – Alligator (Passion Pit Remix)

Rebuild Stronger

Some administrative stuff to start off this great week, great for a Monday right? Contact method is different now for anyone still emailing me at my old email, that email will no longer work. I was receiving upwards to 50-100 emails a day, at least half of them was spam. Now there’s a nice contact form you can use here. A little more steps to contacting me, but this ensures that I will actually read your email now unless bots figure that out too and spam me to hell again! If you are looking to request content removal or apply to write for Sundtrak, remember to select the contact type in the dropdown.

Also, the music player should now work on your iPhones and iPads because Adobe is being a bitch and removing flash support to everything. Whatever, they probably see it as outdated technology too. However, the player doesn’t seem to work on mobile Firefox without flash. You’ll have to live without for now. The HTML5 player also doesn’t automatically start the next track when it is finished, that will be a work in progress until later.

Now for the music! Starting off with the Viceroy remix of Amtrac‘s Those Days. Great upbeat track with a hint of the 90’s, thank you Viceroy for that, you can hear the original here. Second is the Classixx remix of Passion Pit Take A Walk which has that baseline I love. I can’t even explain why I like the sound so much. And lastly, the Photek remix of Lana Del Rey Ride, a track from her newest album (or EP, whatever) Paradise. I’m a sucker for remixes of her tracks as they turn them upbeat, and you have to admit her voice is magical with a great beat behind it. If you haven’t noticed already, the links are becoming more and more from Soundcloud. That’s not me getting lazy, but it’s the best way for me to support artists and because Soundcloud is such an amazingly music distribution platform, typically they provide a download link with the track. So if you like what you hear, visit the artist’s pages and the Soundcloud links!

Amtrac – Those Days (Viceroy Remix)

Passion Pit – Take A Walk (Classixx Remix)

Lana Del Rey – Ride (Photek Remix)


So I’ve been deciding for a while, should I revamp Sundtrak? I’ve had the same theme up for at least three years. The theme is still made to fit screens that go with 800×600 resolution or less. The audio player is still using flash, everything is moving away from that. I can’t even play any of the music on this blog on my phone! My blogroll hasn’t been updated in at least a year, half of those blogs are probably gone by now. Just to let you know, I’ve noticed. The player won’t get updated any time soon though, that’d be a big job. Three great tracks that have been circulating around blogs. The Theatre of Delays remix of No Ceremony Feelsolow, absolutely great electro feel to this track. Second track is the Cyril Hahn remix of Solange Losing You which kind of surprised me. It started off slow, but I’m digging the whole 90’s new wave synthpop feel to the track. Ending off with the Little Daylight remix of Passion Pit‘s Constant.

No Ceremony – Feelsolow (Theatre Of Delays Remix) – removed by request

Solange – Losing You (Cyril Hahn Remix)

Passion Pit – Constant Conversations (Little Daylight Remix)

Boat Landing


I totally thought I mentioned this already, but Gorillaz came out with a new album just before the new year called The Fall. It’s pretty awesome because the whole thing was recorded on Damon Albarn’s iPad during their Escape to Plastic Beach tour. There’s some decent tracks in it, so make sure you check it out if you haven’t already. You can download it here just by signing up to their mailing list.

Second piece of news, Cold War Kids is coming out with a new album Mine Is Yours January 25. As usual with a new album, it is accompanied by a tour. I’m happy to see Canada on the list, they’re getting to Lee’s Palace in Toronto March 18 and Corona Theatre in Montreal March 19. Sorry Ottawa, no love for you. Completely related, the Passion Pit remix of Cold War Kids Mine Is Yours. I actually forgot how much I liked Cold War Kids, can’t wait for this album. The remix is great, Passion Pit never ceases to amaze me with their remixes. Reminding me vaguely of the Aeroplane remix of Friendly Fires. I tried for similar sounds this time for this post, the Clock Opera remix of The Drums was great to add. I’m actually disappointed I’ve never posted Clock Opera remixes before, they’ve remixed some of my favorite artists, Au Revoir Simone and Marina & The Diamonds. I really love the vibe this track gives off, I was going to say ambiance but I didn’t want to sound like a complete tool. Lastly, the Hermanos Inglesos remix of Ladytron Ace of Hz from their new single which came out 2010.

Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours (Passion Pit Remix)

The Drums – Me & The Moon (Clock Opera Remix)

Ladytron – Ace Of Hz (Hermanos Inglesos Remix)

It’s so hot I can’t think of a title

It’s 30C out here in Toronto and it’s 9AM. Is this a joke? What’s going on? Is this Canada or not?! I thought the deal was we got extreme cold in the winter and not too hot in the summer. Anyways, lack of brain power at the moment, this is going to be a very straight forward week update post which may or may not contain a lot of mistakes. I was looking for pictures at first and was trying to make it related to the post title; things that are hot, but all that did was make me feel even warmer. I decided to do all of us a favor and post with a picture of a nice cold snow cone! First is a remix by Mylo and Sharooz of Robyn Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do. Overall the track both really impresses me and makes me laugh. It kind of sounds like they had a lot of fun remixing this track, not really following a rigid format. Second is the Gigamesh remix of Mike Posner Cooler Than Me which caught my attention. And lastly, none other than Katy Perry‘s California Gurls which as annoyingly popular as the song is is so damn catchy. Remix by Passion Pit, their remixes always surprise me cause it’s so different from their actual music. Sorry for the lack of posts over the last two weeks, I’ve been in Ottawa my hometown more than where I’m living now in Toronto but I’m back now!

Robyn – Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do (Mylo and Sharooz Mix)

Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me (Gigamesh Remix Final Version)

Katy Perry – California Gurls (Passion Pit Radio Remix)