Out of Practice


Been a bit AWOL lately, mostly because at least three days a week I’m out of town for work where there isn’t access to the internet or really consistent electricity or running water. Internet access is the least of my worries! In a couple weeks my schedule will shift more towards being in town and of course that means much more posts from me. Anyways, here’s the post of seemingly the month, I hope you like it. First off is the Perseus remix of Mark Ronson Record Collection. It’s a great take on the original, I love the new beat the remix gives the song which really just brings the track more genuinely into retro. Second is the Christian Strobe remix of Lips Everything to me. It’s a bit slower, but I’m really liking the track. And lastly, the Viceroy and Alkamyme remix of Madonna Like A Prayer. I just had to post it…

Mark Ronson – Record Collection (Perseus Remix)

Lips – Everything to me (Christian Strobe Remix)

Madonna – Like A Prayer (Viceroy + Alkamyme Remix)