Sunny Sunday


Making a post before I head out today, looks fantastic where I am. First track is a strange sounding one, and I love how strange it sounds, the Gesaffelstein remix of Phoenix Bankrupt! The track itself, released in the same titled album last year, is also a strange mix of sounds but Gesaffelstein went up and beyond in the remix with an almost Adam’s Family take to it. Second up is the RAC Remix of The Knocks Classic. These are two artists that I love, the original track Classic is an awesome summer track. And lastly, reversed, a The Knocks remix of RAC’s Cheap Sunglasses. Again, can’t go without mentioning the original track.

Phoenix – Bankrupt! (Gesaffelstein Remix)

The Knocks – Classic (RAC Remix)

RAC feat. Matthew Koma – Cheap Sunglasses (The Knocks Remix)

You Deserve Better

color droplets

So I’m seriously trying to get my take on the new Daft Punk album out, but I still feel like I need to listen to it a couple more times. My very first impression on the album was it was mediocre, but with each subsequent listen, it quickly changed to godlike. I think it needs to settle a bit before I write anything more about it.

Starting off with an amazing track once again remixed by CHVRCHES of MS MR. I love it. It could be a CHVRCHES song for all I would know, the vocalists from both groups sound somewhat similar. I’m really liking the direction CHVRCHES is taking with the music they’re making, even if this isn’t an original. Second up is the RAC remix of YACHT Second Summer. It’s a bit slower, a bit toned down, but greatness from RAC again. Lastly, I had this sitting on my desktop for almost half a year. I should post a screenshot of my super cluttered desktop, it’d make most people cringe. The Anoraak remix of Tresors Pleine Lune which I unexpected was saving up until now. Wait for a minute in, shit gets serious.

MS MR – Hurricane (CHVRCHES Remix)

YACHT – Second Summer (RAC Remix)

Tresors – Pleine Lune (Anoraak Remix)


sebastian szwajczak - glassessebastian szwajczak

Aye, surely I would have anticipated this, but I was unexpectedly signed up to some courses. Yes, I never noticed until a week after the courses had started that I was enrolled, so I am much busier than I ever want to be. Unfortunately this means the blog will take a back seat in terms of priority, I am really hoping Sundtrak isn’t on its last lifeline here. I remember when I first started out, I saw other music blogs simply closing because the owner didn’t have the time to manage it and I thought to myself, “how could that ever happen?” At the time I was posting at least once a day. Ideally I would have an unlimited data cell plan and used that to listen to music constantly during down times. Oh well, I love this blog and I will continue to love it!

So, The Knocks remix of Tegan and Sara Closer. Fuck yes. I mean the original is already amazing, even though I had absolutely no idea that’s what Tegan and Sara sounded like. I admit I never really gave them a chance before, despite being Canadian and definitely having heard their stuff on the radio but not putting two and two together, I was expecting more Broken Social Scene style. Anyways, I will have to listen to their earlier stuff. The Knocks makes another killer remix. While I’m at it, here’s one from 2010 by Passion Pit and RAC of Alligator. This just became a Tegan and Sara post… unintended.

Tegan and Sara – Closer

Tegan and Sara – Closer (The Knocks Remix)

Tegan and Sara – Alligator (RAC Mix)

Tegan and Sara – Alligator (Passion Pit Remix)

Rainy Days


No that isn’t Rebecca Black, sheesh. Got some great tracks for you today, and despite them being popular on Hype Machine, I actually found most of them on Soundcloud! What a great place for music. Starting off with a great track suggested from one of you guys, the Plastic Plates remix of Strange Talk Cast Away. Awesome remix, thanks for forwarding it to me, more of this! Second is the RAC remix of Chromeo Bonafied’ Lovin which I though I had heard enough of, but apparently not. Great rendition of the track, I can always trust RAC to properly revamp something. One minute in, such a great sound. Thirdly is the Jay Lamar and Jesse Oliver remix of Viceroy Chase Us Around. Always loved Viceroy, this remix is pretty pleasant, we need to move away from the upbeat sometimes. Leaving off with the Oliver remix of Aeroplane‘s We Can’t Fly… oh so retro electro or funktronica? These guys are great. If you’re looking for the Zimmer mix because you got linked here, it’s on this post.

Strange Talk – Cast Away (Plastic Plates Remix)

Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin (RAC Mix)

Viceroy – Chase us around (Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver Remix)

Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly (Oliver Remix)

The Night to Come

atelier olschinsky

Starting off with the Soulwax remix of Arcade Fire Sprawl II, so much love for this. I love The Suburbs, and a Soulwax remix of a track from that album? Can’t go wrong. Unfortunately this has been sitting on my desktop for months at least; the drawbacks of not posting a lot is you get a lot of backlog. Second is the RAC remix of Escort Starlight. As you will see in this and future posts is, I may be going through a RAC binge. These guys have so much talent and genius, everything they touch is gold. If you remember their remix of Lana Del Rey? I still listen to that on a daily basis. Lastly, the Felix Da Housecat remix of RAC’s Hollywood. Check out the original too. I’m surprised, yet also amazed, that their original music is quite different from their remixes. Expect more...

Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Soulwax Remix)

Escort – Starlight (RAC Remix)

RAC – Hollywood feat. Penguin Prison (Felix Da Housecat Remix)