Back to Basics

Got three awesome remixes for you this wonderful Friday before the holidays, for people in school anyways who are already off partying it up. You workaholics? Possibility of partying at work? Maybe in the cubicle. Let’s start off the Silicone Project remix of Futurecop! Dreams. The intro got me right away, maybe it’s the awesome beat or the strangely off-tune sound of it, whatever it is I love it. Not to mention Futurecop! is amazing, they totally should’ve made the soundtrack for the original Tron besides the fact that that movie predates them by nearly 20 years. Master Controller has nothing on me. The Yuksek remix of Vandroid Master & Slave, feeling a bit more industrial. There’s actually a bunch of great electro remix producers remixing this Vandroid track for the EP you should definitely check out. The Yuksek remix being one I liked more. And lastly, yes once again, Shinichi Osawa! Haven’t posted his stuff in a while, but Keenhouse makes great remixes.

Futurecop! – Dreams (Silicone Project Remix)

Vandroid – Master & Slave (Yuksek Remix)

Shinichi Osawa – Zingaro (Keenhouse Remix)

Saturday Night Fever

Three great tracks for you guys today, been listening to these all week. First is from the one and only Fred Falke, his remix of the Whitest Boy Alive Golden Cage which when I was listening to it strangely but at the same time not really reminded me of Saturday Night Fever. When I ended up Youtubing the famous dance scene from it I remembered how bad that movie actually was simply because it had absolutely no cultural relevance to me whatsoever when I watched it in my teens like what, 20 years after it was actually produced. I don’t blame the movie for that. Point of that rant? Sounded like disco, and I liked it. Second is the remix by Robotaki of Shinichi Osawa. Robotaki from Montreal, Canada, definitely interested in your remixes now. And lastly, good old Death to the Throne and his remix of Metric Twilight Galaxy. Totally could’ve been a track on its own, but worked great with the song.

Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)

Shinichi Osawa – Love Will Guide You feat. Tommie Sunshine (Robotaki Remix)

Metric – Twilight Galaxy (Death to the Throne Remix)

Moving Cities

Well, I’m finally packing up my life and moving to Toronto. It’s about time but that means a couple things. New job and city means less time; that will either make me post even more which was what happened in the first two years of university for me and my grades plummeted as a result or I won’t be posting as much for a bit as I readjust. Also, I won’t have internet for a while. So depending on how reliable the internet at Starbucks is and how lenient they are with me stretching their bandwidth by downloading music, don’t expect me to post as much as before. Check in from time to time though, I’ll save the best tracks for the post I’ll make from time to time. Anyways, as usual, I’ve got three tracks for you today to start the week off, the Chew Fu remix of Rihanna Rockstar 101 which was pretty good. I’ve posted some Chew Fu remixes before and have always been impressed. The Mustard Pimp remix of Shinichi Osawa EEAA, more club this time. And the 80Kidz remix of Metric‘s Help I’m Alive. Not completely sure if I’ve already posted this but that doesn’t matter, I like this remix.

Also, here is some stuff from my inbox. I’ve yet to listen to it thoroughly, but the tracklists on these mixes look good. Maybe you can let me know via comments what you think of them! The Team Randalism mixtape Les Ailes Du Papillon and the PUNCHES mixtape Somebody Has To Help You. And from recent web stuff, check out Kid Cudi – All Talk feat. LCD Soundsystem, Christian Bale, and Chip Tha Ripper, and Kanye West – Power feat. Dwele. I didn’t post any of this as an mp3/streaming by the way, so for those of you who don’t read my posts (probably lots of you), you’ll miss out!

Rihanna – Rockstar 101 (Chew Fu Teachers Pet Fix)

Shinichi Osawa – EEAA (Mustard Pimp Remix)

Metric – Help I’m Alive (80Kidz Remix)