Mid-Week Update


A mid-week update for you, unfortunately some of the tracks are a couple days older than I’d like them to be. Falling a couple days behind is like blog death, I should really stop traveling. Maybe if people stopped emailing me spam and emailed me just good stuff, in a perfect world. First off, I couldn’t stop listening to this track, the Siriusmo remix of Chromeo. I’d like to hear them turn this into their own standalone track somehow, although I do love you so Chromeo. Surprisingly clean for a remix. Second is the Knocks remix of Ellie Goulding who seemed to make a big bang last week on Hype. She was one of the most searched, I was afraid to look at why. Seems there was a remix madness for her new track Under The Sheets, probably for the single? Loads of great remixes, I’ll see if I can pull off posting another one, and yes I’m completely in a pop mood at the moment. I love you Ellie! And lastly, the Def Starr remix of Phoenix‘s Fences. Really liked the ambiance *thick pompous British accent* that went with the track. No but seriously, can’t get enough of it, just put the intro on repeat.

Chromeo – Night by Night (Siriusmo Remix)

Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets (The Knocks Remix)

Phoenix – Fences (Def Starr Version)